RFT Coaching - Spartan Sprint Training Program (or other short distance OCR)

Average Weekly Training Hours 04:36
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 04:36
Training Load By Week

6 Week progressive training plan to complete a Spartan Sprint. This plan is intended to take a first time obstacle racer from the couch to a race in this time frame. This plan uses running and various bodyweight movements in a progressive format to increase your fitness to the level it will need to be to complete your first Spartan. I recommend you have at least 3 weeks of jogging time in your legs and familiarize yourself with proper body weight movements prior to beginning this plan.

This plan assumes you have access to a pull up bar, and can acquire a sand bag and a bucket with a weight close to 40 lbs. Other than those basic items this requires no special equipment.

Sample Day 1

Spartan Sprint Fit Test

Warm: 4 rounds: 10 pushup 10 situps, 10 squats, crossbody shoulder stretch

Max time dead hang

Max burpees in 3:00

Max situps 2:00

Max squats 2:00

30 min run for distance

Sample Day 2

30 min run
Zone 2 (conversational pace)

Sample Day 3

Warm: 1 mile easy jog

pull ups
pushups (x2)
pigeon stretch (each round)

6 rounds:
10 lunges
5 jump squats
tricep stretch

Sample Day 5

30 min run
Zone 2 (conversational pace)

Sample Day 6

Warm: 1 mile run

200m bucket carry (~40 lbs)
20 squats
20 situps
20 lunges
200m bucket carry

2 mile run

4 round: lower back complex

For a video of the lower back complex:

Sample Day 7

Warm: 1 mile run

3:00 cumulative dead hang*

6 rounds:
10 pushups
5 chin ups
pigeon stretch

30 burpees

*find a pull up bar and hang from it. Start the clock when you jump up to grab it, and when you come off stop the clock. Repeat this process until you reach the prescribed time.

Sample Day 9

Warm: 1 mile run

3 rounds:
200m sandbag carry (~40 lb)
20 sand bag squats
10 jump squats (no bag)

4 rounds:
10 situps
10 Russian twists
:45 plank
10 good mornings

Christopher Judy
RFT Coaching LLC

I focus on a total athlete concept including fitness, nutrition, and sports psychology. I keep my training efficient, concise and effective with no extra fluff.

I specialize in obstacle course racing (OCR), cycling, distance running, military training and general strength and conditioning.