Swim technique builder 8 weeks by Speedy Swimming

Average Weekly Training Hours 02:44
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 02:44
Training Load By Week

This swim plan is designed by Nick de Meyer, Head coach for Speedy Swimming, (BTF level 2, STA, Master endurance coach Training Bible UK) who specialise in teaching triathletes and swimmers. This plan encapsulates all of Nicks training, racing and coaching experience of many open water triathlons, Ironman triathlon events, his swim skills and drills teaching methods and from completing the Dart 10km Swim in Devon. Purchase of this plan includes our comprehensive Swim Training Guide, which explains how to use your training plan, including swim drills and open water articles, plus email access to Nick at any time for questions that you may have about this plan. Once you have signed up we will email you the Description Document. Questions? Please visit us on the web at www.speedyswimming.co.uk or email Nick directly at: speedyswimming@gmail.com

Sample Day 1
TRX Core

TRX CRUNCH 10 reps
TRX SIDE PLANK 30 secs each side
TRX PIKE 10 reps

Sample Day 2
10x100 Bodyroll & stroke count

200 FC as (50 Full/ 50 Catch up / 50 pull/ 50 fists) Repeat 5 times 10 secs rest between each 1000m FC @ 75% - odd 100’s bilateral Please record times at end Over-emphasize bodyroll and stroke length 2x 150m as 50 BC/ 50 BC single arm/ 50 BC pull – 20 rest 100m kick BC single arm is like catch-up, but arms going from hips 1 at a time 100 BC kick easy 100 BR

Sample Day 4
100m swim drills

Warm up 400m with every 4th length as back crawl. MS: 100m of each drill below with 30 secs recovery. 100m easy FC in between drills glide sculling under elbows 4x25m 10 rest fists alternating fists O ring reaching over a barrel CD: 200m mixed strokes as 50m each of BC /BR /FC /kick

Sample Day 6
Stroke rate stroke count Swim Golf

Session aim: stroke count and rate and swolf (swim golf)

stroke rate ramp test
Warm up
200 FC
100 FC 3/4 catch up
100 FC Single arm
50 BC
Main Set
100 FC counting strokes
100 FC stroke count minus 1
100 FC stroke count -2
100 Stroke count -2 but faster
100 BC
200 FC Bilateral every 3 40 rest
Swim golf
10x 50m FC 20 rest
count your strokes and time the 50m. Add the 2 together. Try and hold the cumulative number of strokes and time over the course of the 10x50m FC
add in stroke rate ramptest here if you caan find the tempo trainers
50m kick on front 10 rest (on all kick)
50m side kick L
50m side kick R
50m kick on back
Cool down
200m mix of BR BC Fc and kick

Sample Day 8
6x100 + drills @70%

Warm Up 6x 100m alternate drill / FC recovery 10 secs after each 100 Main Set: 1 min recovery after set of 100’s 6x 100m @ 70 decreasing rest (1st 100m 40 rest, then 35,30,25,20) Aim to stay within 10 secs of 1st 100m time 6x50m FC @ 75% decreasing rest (1st 50m 20 rest, then 17, 14, 11,8,5) Aim to stay within 5 secs of 1st 50m time Drills (20 secs recovery on all) 100 FC Glide 100m barrel roll (1 stroke + twit 360 repeat) 100m FC “reaching over a barrel” 100m catchup 100m power push 100m reduce stroke count -2 100m FC Hard 95% (take time) Cool Down 200m easy as 100FC, 50 BR, 50BC

Sample Day 9
TRX Core

TRX CRUNCH 10 reps
TRX SIDE PLANK 30 secs each side
TRX PIKE 10 reps

Sample Day 10
SD Swim drills

Warm up
200 FC with BC every 4th length

Main drill set

Perform each drill for 100m with 30 rest maintaining form and focusing solely on 1 drill at a time. 50m normal Fc in between each drill

Once your hand has entered glide reach and stretch for 1-2 seconds before starting the stroke Limits bubbles on entry in preparation for a good catch

Shoot your arm straight forwards from your shoulder Stops / limits cross over on entry of stroke, enhanced awareness of recovery

Power Push
Accelerate from shoulder to the stroke exit at your thigh Strengthens triceps and lats, creates an understanding of different power zones of stroke, lengthens back of stroke

Wide hand entry
Put your hands in at 45 degrees out from your shoulders much wider than you think you should Brings hand entry position back in line from the cross over of midline position, so straight from shoulder

Swim over a barrel
Pull yourself over an imaginary barrel pushing it behind you Keeps elbow high during pull part of stroke, thereby maintaining an effective catch

Pull on a rope
Imagine there is a rope to pull yourself along the centre of the pool Stops cross over of stroke underwater, balances and stops zigzagging action of legs, trunk and arms x over

¾ catch up
The outstretched hand glides until the other hand enters just past your head As above without a pause, so keeping stroke flowing

Touch thigh
Touch your thigh on the push phase of the stroke Lengthening rear phase of stroke

Bilateral Breathe
every 3 or 5 strokes Balances stroke and good for open water / sea swimming

Performing normal front crawl, rotate from the hips to 45 degrees each side Mimimises frontal area resistance, making you more streamlined

Swim on shoulder
Once your hand has entered the water just past your head, and whilst reaching out in front Improves arm position and sets up elbow for high catch and pull phases

Band + Pull
Band around ankles with pull buoy in normal position Limits lateral movement and any snaking using your core muscles more and makes you more streamlined

cool down
200 easy mix of strokes

Nick de Meyer
Sound Coaching

Nick has been a Level 2 British Triathlon Coach for 10 years, and has been a master endurance coach with Training Bible Coaching UK in that time. He is also a Training Peaks Level 1 Coach, and formerly was a Regional Development Coach for the South East region for British Triathlon.

Alongside his online coaching business, Nick also runs Speedy Swimming which specialise in 1-2-1 front crawl technique lessons, endless pool swim video analysis, swim clinics and group swim sessions