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Open water Swim 1500m triathlon race plan 10 weeks


Nick de Meyer BTF level 3 Coach, TRX Instructor

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10 Weeks

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Plan Description

This is a 1500 metre 10 week pool based swim training plan to get you in the best shape possible for a 1500 metre swim, whether that be in an open water event, race or an olympic distance triathlon. Within the plan you'll be swimming 3 times a week, on average 2500-3000 metres per session

Aswell as swim drills sets, and swim sessions focusing on improving your distance per stroke, and technique, you'll also do sessions that will look to improve your endurance, speed, pacing awareness, lactate tolerance, anaerobic threshold and open water skills. There are also some pool based open water skills and drills in the sessions. The maximum distance per session you'll swim will be 4000 metres.

In the first week you'll do 2 test based sessions to help you calculate your threshold swim pace, otherwise known as T-pace, or Critical Swim Speed pace. This all relates to the same number, being the average pace you can maintain at threshold effort for 1500 metres.

The final 2-3 weeks culminate in more speed work, and power based swim sets. By the end of the ten weeks you'll be as strong as an Ox, and as fast as a Cheetah!

This swim plan is designed by Nick de Meyer, Head coach for Speedy Swimming, (BTF level 3, STA level 2 swim teacher, Master endurance coach Training Bible UK) who specialise in teaching triathletes and swimmers. This plan encapsulates all of Nicks training, racing and coaching experience of many open water triathlons, long triathlon events, his swim skills and drills teaching methods and from completing the Dart 10km Swim in Devon.

Purchase of this plan includes our comprehensive Swim Training Guide, which explains how to use your training plan, including swim drills and open water articles, plus email access to Nick at any time for questions that you may have about this plan.

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Average Weekly Breakdown

Workouts Weekly Average Longest Workout
3:33 hrs 1:30 hrs
Workouts Per Week Weekly Average Longest Workout
3:33 hrs 1:30 hrs

Training Load By Week

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Nick de Meyer

Speedy Swimming

Nick has been a Level 3 British Triathlon Coach for 14 years, and has been a master endurance coach with Training Bible Coaching UK in that time. He is also a Training Peaks Level 2 Accredited Coach, and has worked as a Regional Development Coach for the South East region for British Triathlon.

Alongside his online coaching business, Nick also runs Speedy Swimming which specialise in 1-2-1 front crawl technique lessons, endless pool swim video analysis, swim clinics and group swim sessions

Sample Day 1

10x100 (30 rest)

BT: WU 200m fc easy Then do 10 x 100 with 30 seconds rests. All-out effort. What was your total time for this set (or average 100 time)? cool down 200m mix of strokes

Sample Day 3

400's Anaerobic end

Warm Up 400 alt 100 free / 100 back 8x50 alt drill (personal weakness) / kick (use back and side kick) 100 choice easy Main Set 4x400m FC AS: #1 - 200 hard 200 mod-hard on 30s rest #2 - 400 TT pace on 30s rest #3 - 200 hard 100 steady 100 easy on 10s rest #4 - 400 TT pace Key swims are #2 and #4 - pacing is key to avoid exploding! This should be a difficult main set, requiring significant concentration for #4 Cool down 200 mix of FC/ BC easy

Sample Day 6


Warm Up
300 fc steady
Record total time and subtract 2 mins = 1500m target time
All hard swims 80-90% with 30 secs recovery between each
10 x 20 sec sprints over 25m each 10 secs rest
Cool Down
200 easy

Sample Day 8

20x50 (10

BT: WU. 
200m FC build pace on 2nd 100m
Main set 
Then do 20 x 50m FC at 85% effort with 10 seconds rests. All-out effort. What was your total time for this set (or average 50 time)?
Cool down
200 mix of strokes easy

Sample Day 10

5x300m push drills

Warm Up 300 FC 2x 50m as Sculling 25m (entry, Pull, push and exit phases) then FC 25m 100 BC Main Set: Technique Control 100m FC stroke count 40 rest 5x 300m FC (40 rest) as: 1. Bilateral 3 + Pull 2. Stroke count -2 3. O – Ring (thumb and index finger touching) 4. Hand entry with thumb in first Bilateral 5. Zips and Drag fingers 2x50m Torpedo Drill + Fins - 15 rest 2x 50m FC Paddles with fingers in paddles only – 20 rest 2x 50m Single arm Fists + Pull – 15 rest Cool Down 100 BC 100 BR

Sample Day 13

Aerobic pace control 20x100s

Warm Up 300 FC 100 pull Main 20 x 100m FC repeats - 10-15 sec Rest Working at a level of 70-80% (MHR) 1st,6th,11th and 16th 100m bilateral every 5 Every 5th 100m use paddles (no pull) Every 3rd 100 Stroke count -2 Drills if time: 100’s of drag fingers, zips, catch up, fists, spearing -30 recovery Cool Down 100 BC 4x 25 sculling 100 BR

Sample Day 15

Anaerobic Threshold race preparation

Warm Up 4x 100 FC drill Recovery 10 secs between each Drills: glide and touch thigh; zips and drag fingers; O Ring; touch head then shoulder then in Main Set : 5x (4x 50m FC hard) reducing recovery as: 1.20 rest 2.15 rest 3.10 rest 4.5 rest 30 recovery after block of 4 100 BC 300 FC hard 30 rest 3x 100 FC hard 10 rest cool down 100 front scull (figure of 8 sweeps 6” width) 100 mix of BR and BC

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