How to NOT suck at swimming - a comprehensive plan for anyone struggling with swimming

Average Weekly Training Hours 07:08
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 07:08
Training Load By Week

Prepare to transform you swim! We have included 50+ unique swim workouts categorized by speed, endurance, strength and race prep that will not only make you a more confident swimmer but a faster triathlon swimmer. Just follow the simple formula we have outlined and prepare to amaze yourself. With distances ranging from 1500-5200 yards there are swim sessions for everyone. These are the same workouts I have used to help hundreds of swimmers and triathletes take huge chunks off their swim times while coming out of the water fresh to tackle the rest of the race. Please email me at with any questions regarding plan outline, setting appropriate zones/paces, terminology, methodology, t-shirt size and/or personal coaching inquiries. Thank you for choosing Crushing Iron Coaching.

Sample Day 2
20,10,5 Swim

200 easy warmup. 20 x25s fast on :15 rest. 10x50s mod-hard pace on :15 rest. 5x100s mod pace on :15 rest. 10x50s mod-hard pace on :15 rest. 20 x25s fast on :15 rest. 200 easy cool cown

Sample Day 3
1-6 Swim

w/u 8 x 50 @:10r 25 drill/25 swim 600 Pull, 100 moderate/50 fast, rp Once through the following 1 x 300 free@:4:30 (:20r) 2 x 250 100free/50 stroke/100 free @4:00 (:20r) 3 x 200 @3:00 (:20r) 4 x 150 @2:30 (:15r), 50 fr/50 str/50 fr 5 x 100@1:30 (:10r) 6 x 50 choice @:60 (:20r) 600 kick w/fins, 100 moderate/50 fast, rp w/d 200 easy

Sample Day 8
25 x 25s

200 warm up with Pull buoy. Then right into 25x 25s all out sprint on :30 sec rest. No drills. No thinking. Just get faster. Get faster. Get faster. 200 easy easy. 10 x 50's with 15 fast and 35 easy. Same thoughts as before.

Sample Day 22
2k easy

do a 2,000 yard swim that makes you feel good

Sample Day 27

500 easy ful gear. then into 5 x 100 @ 75%-80% of max on :15 rest. Do this 3 x through. Cool down with easy 200

Sample Day 58
20 x 100 descending intervals

5 x 200 as odds swim and evens catch up on :10 rest 20 x 100 as 5 - :20 rest 5- 15 rest 5- 10 rest 5 - 5 rest then 10 x 25 band around ankles, sprint effort . 10 sec rest Then 500 HARD as you can on tired arms 200 CD

Sample Day 59
24 x 100 race set

200 swim, 200 buoy, 200 kick, 200 buoy. 4 x 50's fast. 24 x 100's at 80-85% on 1:30 or 1:35

Robbie Bruce
C26 Triathlon LLC

My underlying focus with all athletes is blending a positive life change with performance that extends beyond the finish line. I do not offer "traditional training plans", but a coach/athlete relationship focused on communication and a commitment to the process of getting better every day.

If this sounds like a something you are looking for please feel free to email me to discuss building a strong coach/athlete relationship or on how to approach one of my online training plans.