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This is a 30 day physical therapy based pre natal core strengthening program with instructional videos


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Laura Fromdahl

Tri Strong Coaching

I am a USAT Triathlon Coach & a physical therapist that specializes in triathletes. My coaching and plans are physical therapy biased and designed to get you to your race happy, healthy and prepared to compete. I started out specializing in beginner female triathletes...but now I have men and women racing all over the nation....from mini sprint distances to full ironman distances! Contact me for a free trial plan & references: or (843)597-0110.

Laura Fromdahl

Sample Day 1

Post Natal Core Intro

30 Days of Post Natal Strong!!
This is a physical therapy based strengthening program designed to increase postnatal functional strength. Strength workouts help maintain and build your muscles. In turn, stronger and more flexible muscles help you to bear the weight you gained throughout your pregnancy and protect your joints from injuries from overstretched ligaments.

Each day you will have a circuit workout. this is designed to have very little rest between exercises which will increase your heart rate..making it an aerobic activity...but because you are pregnant let's make this rest period as long as possible in order to keep your max heart rate 140 bpm.

1. if you have any joint pain during please stop that exercise immediately
2. if you have any joint pain afterwards please avoid the aggravating exercise from that point forward
3. if you have questions about how to perform a certain exercise please see the video bank (all videos can be found if you scroll down to the last day

Working out while you’re pregnant offers lots of benefits — a boost in your mood, a decrease in many pregnancy symptoms (including fatigue, constipation and nausea), and a quicker postpartum recovery.

Because of diastasis recti we will be avoiding straight-up crunches and oblique exercises (i.e., moves that target the sides) altogether, since it could worsen the condition, along with exercises on your hands and knees without adequate abdominal support (SI belt).

So how much aerobic exercise should you aim for during pregnancy? The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) suggests expecting moms get at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise per day, most days of the week.

Safe Aerobic Pregnancy Exercises

All of these cardiovascular exercises increase blood circulation, muscle tone and endurance (which you’ll be thankful for come delivery day):

Swimming and water aerobics may just be the perfect pregnancy workout. Why? In the water you weigh a tenth of what you do on land, so you’ll feel lighter and more limber. A dip in the pool may also help relieve nausea, sciatic pain and puffy ankles — and because baby’s floating along with you, it’s gentle on your loosening joints and ligaments (your body’s natural response to pregnancy hormones).

Brisk walking
There’s no easier exercise to fit into your busy schedule than walking…and it’s a workout you can continue to fit in right up until delivery date (and even on D-day if you’re anxious to help the contractions along). What’s more, you don’t need any special equipment or a gym membership to participate — just some good sneakers. If you opt for a hike, be sure to avoid uneven terrain (especially later in pregnancy, when your belly can block your view of that rock in your path), high altitudes and slippery conditions.

Sample Day 1


3 rounds of:
modified plank :30 sec
Tband biceps curls - 10 reps
bridge - 1 minute
modified push ups or Tband triceps pull downs -10 reps

Sample Day 2


2 rounds of:
1. pelvic tilts on chair or swiss ball
2. clam shells: 1 min each side
3. bridge with ball squeeze: 2 min
4. facing the wall squats: 20 reps

Sample Day 3


2 rounds of:

1. standing crunches: 20 reps
2. wall angels: 1 min
3. Tband rows: 10 reps
5. modified side plank: 30 each side

Sample Day 4


2 rounds of:
1. modified plank :30
2. door squats: 15 reps
3. standing side leg raises: 20 reps each side
4. standing leg extension: 20 reps each side

Sample Day 5


foam roll
1 minute each of foam rolling:
1. quads
2. IT bands
3. piriformis
4. upper back
5. calves
6. shins

Sample Day 6


2 rounds of:
1. standing crunches
2. Tband shoulder external rotation: 1 min each side
3. Tband lateral shoulder raise: 10 reps
4. single arm dumb bell row 5-8 lbs: 10 reps
5. wall angels: 1 minute
6. bridge with Tband above knees: hold 2 min

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