INTERMEDIATE Sprint Distance Duathlon Plan. 5km/20km/2.5km. 5 to 6 hours per week. 8 weeks.

Average Weekly Training Hours 04:37
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 04:37
Training Load By Week

Designed for intermediate level age group duathletes, or those with less than 6 hours to train each week. This training plan will develop your speed, endurance and race readiness in time for your target race. Athletes who've followed this plan have raced duathlons all over the world, setting numerous personal records along the way.

"It is great having a structure and not having to think about what to do when I find time to train." - Alistair Asher, British Age Group Champion, January 2015.


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There are normally six separate workouts per week including brick sessions. There is a day off each week and every fourth week is an active recovery week, with a slightly lower training volume to help your body adapt to the training. To commence this plan you should have at least 9 months experience of duathlon or triathlon training. 


Coach Biography - Phil Mosley, Coaching Editor of Triathlon Plus Magazine


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Sample Day 1
Aerobic Endurance Ride

Check out the Training Zones PDF attached to day 1, before you start this workout. Ride mostly in Zone 2 today. This is a low intensity ride on an indoor trainer or outdoors. If you ride outside, feel free to extend it by 10-20mins. Bear in mind there's a run straight afterwards, so have you running gear ready.

Sample Day 1
Aerobic Endurance Run, Off The Bike

Nice and steady Zone 2 run. Do this straight after cycling.

Sample Day 2
Zone 2 Run With Threshold Efforts

These threshold reps should feel 'comfortably hard' and should be done at around your 1-hour race pace. Check out the Proprioceptive Cue below, for technique advice. See the Training Zones PDF attached to day 1, for how fast to run. 

Warm Up
10mins in Zone 2. 

3x5mins in Zone 4 +60secs recoveries in Zone 1 or 2.

Warm Down
5mins in Zone 2

Sample Day 3
Strength & Conditioning Workout

Please click on the link below for your guide to the strength and conditioning workouts.

Sample Day 4
Cycle Speed Session

This can be done outside or using an indoor trainer. Have your running shoes ready to slip on afterwards.

Warm Up:
15mins in Zone 2.

Main Set:
5x5mins in Zone 4 +60secs recoveries in Zone 2.

Warm Down:
5mins in Zone 2.

Sample Day 4
Run Off The Bike, Fast at First

As soon as you finish today's ride, slip your running shoes on and run:

Start with 5mins run in Zone 4, then jog for 10mins in Zone 2.

Sample Day 6
Aerobic Endurance Run

Run mostly in Zone 2. This shouldn't feel hard. If it does, you're going too fast. As a test you should be able to breathe just through your nose. If not, slow down.

Phil Mosley
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I have 20 years experience of helping age group athletes surpass their goals, while still making sure they have quality time available for family, friends and career. As an athlete and a parent I know how challenging this can be.

My training plans are intelligently designed around a typical work week. I set proven, time-efficient higher intensity workouts in mid-week, with longer aerobic workouts at the weekends.

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