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8 Week Youth Racing & Training Plan! Young riders! Race Options! Age Specific Plan!

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8 Week Youth Racing & Training Plan! Young riders! Race Options! Age Specific Plan!


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8 Weeks

Plan Description

This 8- Week plan is specifically aimed to the demands of youth racing. The plan is aiming to educate, establish and develop youth age cyclists (16 years and younger) through engaging and specific sessions.
The sessions are built specifically with youth racing in mind to capture the demands needed to be successful in the youth age category with restricted gearing and short, sharp racing. The sessions are built in an engaging way to keep training fun and interesting which creates longevity in the sport.
The plan is based on perceived exertion so there is no need for a power meter giving easier access and a high-performance plan to all riders!
The plan also incorporates a level of flexibility to account for racing. You can swap out the sessions for a race or coach led session and still maintain the required outcome meaning it gives a versatile approach to specific training! We have given optional sessions which means that all eventualities are covered if you are racing throughout the plan or focusing on training!
The plan can be completed by a youth rider at any point through the year both summer and winter!
This plan comes in a 4, 8 & 12-week options.
Our plans are created using sessions which have been tried and tested with a huge variety of athletes from club and leisure riders right up to current world tour riders! Optimum Coaching has worked with countless of athletes from across the world over a huge range of abilities.
The workout intensities are based on perceived exertion. The plan incorporates common cycling language when describing the workouts which makes the plan very easy to follow.
On day 1 of the plan, you are provided with more getting-started guidelines as well as out top tips and tricks!
The plan was created with use of the TrainingPeaks "Workout Builder". Therefore, the workouts may be uploaded to a device (power meter, heart rate monitor or indoor trainer) or a companion app to help you follow the workout easier. This also allows you to see what the workout will be like before starting.
For more information on compatible devices and apps and how to export the workouts from this plan to them go to
The plan was created with the main focus on Training Stress Score (TSS) which can be found in every workout. Your actual TSS may vary from this forecast when you finish the workout but is used as a very good guide. TSS takes into account the intensity of the workout rather than the volume so is much better to use as a prediction for fatigue it will create and performance benefits that it will bring on.
When you purchase this plan, you have an option to share your email with us, we encourage you to check this box. This will allow us to send out follow up emails with more information about the plan and will give you the option to contact us if you run into a problem. We also ask you to provide feedback on this plan after you have finished to see how it worked out for you. Your email address will not be used for anything else.
What will I receive from this plan?
World class training sessions:
- Sessions used in the plan are tried at tested from beginner to current world tour riders!
- Sessions planned specifically for youth racing!
Access to an experienced coach:
- Have the ability to ask questions or have support on your planned by a Level 2 TP coach.
Structured workouts:
- Every workout is created using TrainingPeaks workout builder which can be exported to 3rd party apps such as Zwift.
- Each workout can be exported to your device (Garmin, Wahoo etc.)
Adjustable Workouts:
- The programme is designed so you can adjust which day your main event is.
Guides & Manuals
- We provide you with a guide to help to optimise your training such as recovery strategies and fuelling advice etc.
- All clients that purchase a training plan are given promotions for further plans and coaching!

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Training Plan Sample Week


Average Weekly Breakdown

Workouts Weekly Average Longest Workout
Bike x7
08:02:00 03:00:00
Day Off x2
—— ——
Workouts Per Week Weekly Average Longest Workout
08:02:00 03:00:00
Day Off
—— ——

Training Load By Week

Zak Coleman

Optimum Cycle Coaching

I offer training plans, sports massage and bespoke coaching for riders of all level from beginner to elite level cyclists. Whether it's a sportive, CX, MTB, time trials or road race I can help take you to the next level. Get in touch to raise your game!
My plans have been created with feedback from a variety of athletes from club and leisure riders right up to current world tour riders! I have has worked with countless of athletes from across the world over a huge range of abilities.

  • This plan includes a Free Basic TrainingPeaks Account.
  • Access your training plan anywhere on the TrainingPeaks mobile and desktop apps.
  • Track your performance with robust data tracking and detailed graphs.
  • Plan for your event in the TrainingPeaks calendar.
  • Track your weight, sleep, hours, fatigue and stress while you train.
  • Syncs daily with other popular apps like Garmin and MyFitnessPal.

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This plan is protected by our Refund Policy and may, with the author's approval, be exchanged for a plan of equal value from the same author.

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