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9 weeks FTP builder, ≈7 hrs per week.


Tony Persson

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9 Weeks

Plan Specs

cycling beginner intermediate advanced power based base period

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Plan Description

This is a 9 weeks program that targets your VO2max, and your immediate Power, FTP.
If you want to, in relatively short period, build your maximum Power, sprinting capacity, Crit-Race capacity, Cyclocross fitness, and the like this is the program for you!
9 weeks with mainly focus on VO2max, with some endurance base build included in the plan.

The weekly training time spans from 6 hours to 7:45 hours the max week.

The plan includes 2x shorter FTP estimates, and 1x 20-minute FTP assessment.


Average Weekly Breakdown

Workouts Weekly Average Longest Workout
7:01 hrs 2:30 hrs
Workouts Per Week Weekly Average Longest Workout
7:01 hrs 2:30 hrs

Tony Persson

Tony's Coaching

I offer online and local coaching.
I am a certified Ironman coach from the Ironman University and I hold an ACE Personal trainer certificate.
I coach multiple clients with a spread of abilities from finishing their first Ironman/IM70.3 to clients finishing at World Championship races.

Myself I have several Ironman and IM70.3 finishes, sub-10 Ironman races, Age-group wins at Olympic distance races, and duathlon races. I've raced at the IM70.3 World Champion and Long Duathlon World Championship.

Sample Day 1

FTP-builder: FTP assessment

Hang in there for as long as you can.
When you cannot hang on to the prescribed FTP-value, stop the test.
After you have stopped the ramp, skip the rest of the ramp and complete the 5 minutes cool down at the end.

This is a benchmark for future assessments, and future tests.

Your estimated new FTP equals the NP for the part of the ramp that was completed.

Sample Day 3

75 minutes of aerobic endurance

75 minutes of aerobic endurance riding spent somewhere between 65-75% FTP and includes 3 sprints

Sample Day 5

FTP-builder: six times 4.5min VO2max

You will dive into VO2max repeats six times during this workout.
Each set spans over 4.5-minutes with 15-25 seconds at 125% FTP and then "float" for 15-30 seconds at 88% FTP.

4 minutes of recovery separate each set.

Sample Day 6

Endurance Miles, 2hr

Endurance Miles (EM)
This is your moderate-paced endurance intensity. The point is to stay at an intensity below lactate threshold for the vast majority of any time you’re riding at EM pace. The heart rate and power ranges for this intensity are very wide to allow for widely varying conditions. It is OK for your power to dip on descents or in tailwinds, just as it is expected that your power will increase when you climb small hills.  
Expect to keep your pedal speed up into the 85 to 95 rpm range.

Sample Day 7

FTP-builder: Sprints! 6x8 minutes of 15 second microbursts

Six sets of sprints.
Each sprint set is 8 minutes long and consists of 16 x 15 seconds ON (125% FTP) and 16 x 15 seconds OFF (40% FTP)

Recoveries between sprint sets are just over 5 minutes long.

Sample Day 8

Small set (recovery), with two late sprints

Include Form Sprints, and quadrant drills like Single leg focus, Pistons and Kick & Pull drills.
In the later half there are two quick sprints.

Sample Day 10

FTP-builder: FTP work + 30 min endurance (3 sets of 5x90-second intervals at 120% FTP)

Today is 3 sets of 5x90-second intervals at 120% FTP followed by 30 minutes at 65% FTP.

The FTP spins should be at 100+ RPM.

Recoveries between intervals are 1 minute long and recoveries between sets of intervals are 5 minutes long.

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