8wk Transition - 1x/wk Intensity limits losses


Daniel Matheny

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8 Weeks

Typical Week

5 Bike, 2 Day Off

Longest Workout

2:00 hrs

Plan Specs

cycling beginner intermediate advanced masters power based hr based base period

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Goal - Limit losses and even possibly set yourself up for a better season. Set up your next season with an off-season plan proven to springboard into your season build.

Who it’s for?
*those coming straight out of season with fitness.
*Only need HR but can use power
* Since results show limited loss in threshold power, vo2max and 40min time and avg power; it can be useful for many disciplines (road, mtb, gravel, fondo, racing, crits, road races, ultra endurance, etc.)

- ability to ride 4-5x/wk for total of 6-7hrs/wk
- heart rate monitor minimum; Power not required but can be used.

Based on:
Rønnestad, Askestad, Hansen. HIT maintains performance during the transition period and improves next season performance in well-trained cyclists J. Eur J Appl Physiol (2014) 114: 1831-1839.

Results of study:
* no reduction in VO2max. Low-intensity group lost vo2max
* moderate increase power at 4mmol La+ (aka Threshold) vs loss in control (+5.4% vs -4.7%)
* moderate increase in power LT from Trans to Prep phase (more than control)
* from pre-Trans to post-Prep phase, high increase in Fractional utilization of vo2max at 4mmol by 7%
* gain in avg power in 40min time trial vs drop in avg power (5.1% vs -6.4%)
* only Intensity group improved 40min perf from pre-test to post-Prep even with preparatory training being same in both groups ~8% gain
**Outcome may vary due to study adherence, current fitness level, age, etc

Duration of module -
- 8 week module
- 4-6 days/wk total training

- 108-115% of FTP in 6x5min or 5x6min based on 88-100% of HR max
- 1x/wk HIIT = 8 total intervals sessions
- goal of highest average power output over intervals (if power used)
- Low intensity aerobic training (identified as HR 60-82% of HR max) all other training to result in ~6-7 hrs (*including one HIT day)

Real-world adaptions:
- fit in HIT when you are best prepared every 7-10. Doesn't have to be exact day.
- can combine short LIT (aerobic) sessions to have less days/wk or more rest days.
- *Note: some athletes need complete rest & detraining for both physical & mental rejuvenation required to perform next season. So it can be argued that you may want some loss in performance for highly trained athletes.

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Training Load By Week
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 07:06

Daniel Matheny

Matheny Endurance

Matheny Endurance is focused on improving performance in all athletes with coaching, camps, wellness, testing, consulting & race tactics based in science that relate to real-world application.

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Sample Day 1

Aerobic/Endurance Ride (Ae) *use HR to control effort

Sample Day 2

Lactate Tolerance (LTT) 5min

Sample Day 6

Aerobic/Endurance Ride (Ae) *use HR to control effort

Sample Day 8

Aerobic/Endurance Ride (Ae) *use HR to control effort

Sample Day 9

Lactate Tolerance (LTT) 5min

Sample Day 30

Lactate Tolerance (LTT) 6min

Sample Day 37

Lactate Tolerance (LTT) 6min

8wk Transition - 1x/wk Intensity limits losses

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