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v3.1 - STRENGTH TRAINING: 24-Week Base Builder Strength Plan for Endurance Athletes - Reusable

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v3.1 - STRENGTH TRAINING: 24-Week Base Builder Strength Plan for Endurance Athletes - Reusable


Cody Waite, Waite Endurance

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24 Weeks

Plan Description

24-Week Off-Season Strength Program for Cyclists/Mountain Bike/Triathlon


Written by Cody Waite, of Waite Endurance

Our ALL NEW FOR 2019 24-week progressive strength training program is designed specifically for endurance athletes to be utilized throughout your off-season & pre-season base training build. This cycling specific strength program focuses on two primary lifts that contribute to power production: the Squat & the Deadlift. Over the 24 weeks you gradually build strength in these two specific movements following our detailed progression and loading spreadsheet that is specific to your ability.

Surrounding the 'Main Strength Set' of each session, you incorporate a variety of our hand-chosen Warm-Up Sets, Core Sets, Push-Pull Sets, Stability Sets, Power Sets, and Mobility Sets. Each of these sets are available with explanation & demonstration in our YouTube Video Library. Every exercise set is designed around creating the the strength, stability and movement required for more power on the bike (and run)!

Also included with the plan are suggested Strength Maintenance sessions to follow throughout your Race Prep "in-season" training & racing schedule. Don't lose all your hard earned gains! Maintain your strength through the race season so you can can start back stronger next "off-season"!


Included with Your Plan:

  • 3 Training Phases: Base, Build, and Maintenance

  • A twice weekly, detailed training session layout w/ MOVEMENT KEY

  • Our LOAD CALCULATOR SPREADSHEET to determine your loads per session for every set of Back Squat & Deadlift

  • Links to VIDEO LIBRARY of each specific movement set for the days session

  • Built in recovery weeks to allow for adaptation and progression

  • Learn More how we do it on our WEBSITE
  • Our other Base Builder Strength Plan Durations:

  • 12 Week Base Builder Strength

  • 18 Week Base Builder Strength
  • REUSABLE: You can easily reuse this plan each off-season and have your strength continue to grow season to season.


    Email Cody directly with questions now or as you go:

    USAC               USAT               TPC

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    Training Plan Sample Week


    Average Weekly Breakdown

    Workouts Weekly Average Longest Workout
    Strength x2
    01:52:00 01:00:00
    Workouts Per Week Weekly Average Longest Workout
    01:52:00 01:00:00

    Training Load By Week

    Cody Waite

    Waite Endurance

    Coach Cody is a USAT level 2 and USAC Level 3 coach. Through his training facility, Sessions:6 Sports Performance, located in Lakewood, Colorado, he has worked with hundreds of endurance athletes from across the country including: triathletes, cyclists, runners, and mountain bike racers of all ability levels. Cody has offered Personal Coaching, Custom Training Plans, and Stock Training Plans, Team Training Programs, Training Camps and sports conditioning programs since 2003.

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