12 Weeks to FTP Test or Time Trial

Training Load By Week
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 08:46

A 12 week plan to improve and increase Functional Threshold Power, Time Trial Power and speed.
This plan is aimed at bottom end cat 1 to mid range cat 2 cyclist, Cat 3 cyclist just drop one day of hard work for a recovery session or rest day.

Sample Day 1
Long ride Endurance 2 Hours

2 Hour ride

90 minute endurance session holding nothing more than 75% throughout whole session, increase to a max of 10% on any climbs but keep effort and watts controlled

Sample Day 2
FTP 13, Zone 3 Unlucky for you, no man's land

Zone 3 Work, Shouldn't be too hard but the low cadence will make sure you are working the muscles we want to work.

Sample Day 3
60 Min Recovery ride

Very easy 60 min leg loosner

Sample Day 3
Core Stability Work

Core Stability Work

Working on Core Exercises and finish with strecthing

Sample Day 4
FTP 14, The Classic, easy version!

The classic near FTP effort followed by a short recovery, twice. Easier version!

Sample Day 5

Yoga session

Sample Day 6
HIIT 4 Only 1 minute, that simple!

Only 1 minute

1 minute on 3 minutes off, old classic
1 min at 125%
3 mins recovery

x10 sets

Daryl Oguona

Daryl has a Diploma in Fitness Training, Sports Therapy and Personal Training level 3.
He is a qualified Level 2 British Triathlon Coach and went on to gain further qualifications in a wide range of fitness related areas such as, weight management and lifestyle coaching.

The most important aspect of a programme is to be able to adapt your lifestyle and life to be able to fit the training in. No matter how good the training programme is, its only as good as the sessions you do.