Cycling Base, weakness in longer races TT, hill climbs, by Eric Kenney, Ek Endurance Coaching

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Cycling Base, weakness in longer races TT, hill climbs, by Eric Kenney, Ek Endurance Coaching


Eric Kenney

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12 Weeks

Typical Week

1 Day Off, 5 Bike, 1 Custom

Longest Workout

5:00 hrs

Plan Specs

cycling road cycling intermediate power based hr based pace based base period

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EK Endurance Coaching Plans:
Big event ahead, Big goals, Little time. Streamline your training with better, more effective workouts and periodization for a low cost.

This plan is formulated to maximize your time in the winter months with specific and effective training sessions. Included are doc's on training zones, workout descriptions, and a doc on "how to manage your training plan" so you won't be doing blind workouts! This plan is for the rider training longer RR, climbing races, hill climbs; TT’s or rides with a weakness in TT's, longer RR or climbing ability. Contact Eric for testing protocol if you do not have recent tests to use. With or without a power meter this program will bring you to the next level!

contact Eric at for customized plans or consultations


Training Load By Week
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 10:21

Eric Kenney

EK Endurance Coaching

Based in Boulder, Colorado, "Ek" offers customized one on one coaching tailored for competitive athletes looking to reach the Next Big Goal. With many first time kona qualifiers and athletes who turned pro Eric's local group is fun dynamic and knows when it's time to work hard. Local athletes have access to the highest level of coaching with group rides, runs, winter cycling classes, coached swims and the most valuable set of team sponsors, partners and coaching service anywhere.

Sample Day 1

Recovery spin

Very easy recovery spin on a mostly flat course in small chain ring. Heart rate zone 1. Light on the pedals. Comfortably high rpm focusing on pedaling skills.

Sample Day 1


Custom: your core training is VERY important in the base phase. take it very seriously!

Sample Day 2

Trainer or road--Spin-ups

Spin-ups. 3x30" at begining of ride and at the end.
Slowly spin-up to max rpm over 30 seconds. When you begin to bounce, back off and then hold it for several seconds. Recover completely Stay RELAXED!

Sample Day 3

Optional mode(s)

Your choice of mode: run, hike, XC ski, snowshoe, row, aerobics class, stair climb, etc. Anything except your normal sport discipline(s). Can combine 2 or more modes into one workout. Easy to moderate effort

Sample Day 4



Sample Day 5

End. Ride

zone 2, steady pace. in control, relaxed upper body smooth lower body

Sample Day 6

End. Ride

Zone 2, steady pace. in control, relaxed upper body smooth lower body

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