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Official EVERESTING 8 Week Plan: The BANDITO


Lee Rodgers

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8 Weeks

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Plan Description

The Everesting 8-Week T he BANDITOPlan is written by myself, Lee Rodgers of, the Official Coaching Provider for, with input from the founder of, Andy Van Bergen. So you've given yourself 2 months til you attempt 8,848m in one single ride. Darn. That is gonna be hard - but fear not. We will get you ready! This plan does exactly what it says on the tin - gets you ready over 8 weeks for your Everesting attempt. The BANDITO Plan works on improving your climbing, stamina and endurance, as you'd expect, but also pays attention to higher-end VO2 max work through short High Intensity Training (HIT) to increase your all-round fitness, in-ride recovery and muscularity. You'll get fitter and stronger quicker with this plan and also see an increase in the all-critical endurance needed for an Everesting. The plan as written here is designed for the rider with 5-7 hours in the week to train, with weekends more or less free to ride anywhere from 3-7 hours per day. It takes into account the fact that many of us have families and lives off the bike, and is designed to work you where you need but to also leave you rested enough to function off the bike. Every plan is designed to be as interesting as possible, mixing up workouts in a way that ensures optimal improvement but ensures it's all as un-boring as can be. Accompanying all the CrankPunk Coaching Systems Everesting Plans are notes on how to adapt the plan to your schedule and terrain, including how to manage the daily plans as and when changes need to be made. The plans are designed to work on the same Perceived Rate of Exertion (PRE) as used on the Sufferfest videos, and can easily be adapted to work with power meters. You needn't be familiar with PREs as the plans work on this in the first few rides. Which level rider is this plan suited for? Intermediate to Elite, ideally but, unlike the b4 week plan that demands a lot of the rider, this is better suited for a relative newcomer too, thanks to those extra 4 weeks. ***ADDED BONUS*** When you purchase the plan you'll then receive the Plan Notes in your inbox. I am also available for a chat via email if necessary, at, to help you hone the plan to fit your schedule, free of charge!


Average Weekly Breakdown

Workouts Weekly Average Longest Workout
11:30 hrs 8:00 hrs
—— ——
Workouts Per Week Weekly Average Longest Workout
11:30 hrs 8:00 hrs
—— ——

Training Load By Week

Lee Rodgers

Crank Punk Coaching Systems

You want to win races. You want to lose weight. You want a PR on the local monster hill. You want to crush souls on the local group ride. You want to ride Haute Route. Whatever you want, I can help guide you there. It's no frills, hard work, dedicated rest and recovery, and it's fun. Head to to read more about me and my CP Coaching Systems, and testimonials from my riders. This is coaching with passion, the same way you ride.

Sample Day 1

Ease In

WEEK 1 AIM: To get used to the Perceived Rate of Exertion scale, to get the blood and the sweat flowing, and to work on stamina and endurance. Oh yes, and to get you up some hills!
PRE 3-4 warm up for 20 mins
PRE 5 for 10 mins
PRE 6 for 10
PRE 5 for 10 and easy to cool down

Sample Day 2

OVER /UNDER Starter ***

10 mins w/up PRE 4 or so, spinning (basically light pedaling)
5 mins PRE 5
5 mins PRE 6
2 mins PRE 3 very easy
then (these are Over/Unders):
2 mins PRE 6
2 mins PRE 7
repeat 4 times (so 16 mins in total, no break between PREs)
4 minsbreak
2 mins PRE 5
1 min PRE 6
45 secs PRE 7
30 secs PRE 8
15 secs PRE 9
5 secs PRE 10
repeat twice (so 4 mins, again no break))
10 mins cool down

Sample Day 3


20 mins warm up PRE4 or so, very easy, light spin
3 mins PRE 5
3 mins PRE6
3x20 secs Full Gas sprints, 10 secs between sprints
3 mins Easy PRE 4
THEN Pyramids:
3 mins PRE 6
3 mins PRE 7
no break, repeat x2 (so this is 12 mins)
4 mins PRE 4 (or anything as long as it is recuperation/rest speed)
Next, Pyramids;
2 mins PRE 6
1 mins PRE 7
1 min PRE 8
1 min PRE 7
2 mins PRE 6
3 mins break in between, do 2 sets
On Last PRE 6 section, add on 15 seconds Full Gas sprint to 'The Line', raise arms, practice victory salutes!
Cool down 5 mins

Sample Day 5


Choose a hill, anywhere from 700m-1.5km in length, if steep, all ok, it not - ride harder!
Easy there 10-15 mins
then back to PRE 6
#1: ease PRE 5, spin
#2: half PRE 5, 2nd half PRE SMASH!
#3: PRE 6 but every 1.3, 10 second seated or standing attack
#4: ease again
#5: FullGasGonzoMoFoSmash
AND IF you are fit enough:
#6: Ease again
#7: FullGasGonzoMoFoSmash
10-15 easy to cool and home.

Sample Day 6


Can do upwards of 5 hours if you are used to the bigger rides at the weekend. However, be aware of leg hurt and ride accordingly, as yesterday may have hurt! If so, pull it back and do 2-3 today, all ok, tomorrow is important this weekend.
Cafe ride this one, enjoy and ease it. Tomorrow will be hard enough. PRE 5 average here is ok

Sample Day 7


OK so this is an endurance ride, and in the hills, so speed, as with the Everesting (for most of us) is not the priority. Gaining endurance is. So, go ride, do enjoy, PRE 5-6 on flats is ok, if you are a climber, PRE 7 on hills, if not, take it a bit easier. If in a hilly region, aim for 1000-1500m climbing, according to your feeling and your abilities.

Sample Day 9


PRE 4 ok, also PRE 5, but be sure not to exert too much. Plenty of sweaty stuff to come! Hills are fine but again not too steep and spin it, like PRE 5 spinning.

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