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4-Week Science-Based VO2max Builder

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4-Week Science-Based VO2max Builder

Includes Structured Workouts

Structured Workouts automatically sync with compatible devices and guide you through workouts in real time.

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Tom Helleman

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4 Weeks

Includes Structured Workouts

Structured Workouts automatically sync with compatible devices and guide you through workouts in real time.

Learn More about Structured Workouts.

Plan Description

VO2max - One of the best predictors of cycling performance.

Maybe you're thinking - "Well Tom, I'm familiar with Z5 (it's painful!), but I thought improving my FTP was the best way to become a faster cyclist?"

Let's rethink this for a moment:

Many races, group rides, and strava segments that we want to perform well on are defined by efforts ABOVE your FTP. Your VO2max is the BEST predictor of this type of performance.

"Ok, so how do I improve my VO2max?"

First, let's consider an example:

You and your riding partner might have the same FTP and weigh the same - but a very different power output at VO2max.


Doing those old school 5 x 5 minute intervals at 110% of FTP is not the same relative % of VO2max, nor is it necessarily the # 1 way of building VO2max for either athlete.

So, what to do instead?

There is an adundance of recent sport science research that has established novel and more productive ways to stimulate improvement in VO2max.

Studies show that time above 90% of VO2max is a key measure for stimulating improvement.

Easy right?

Not necessarily! The next question is- how do we design a session and plan that incorporates as much of this training stimulus, without being too difficult and accumulating undue fatgiue.

Which brings us to this plan...

Science-based Workouts to build your VO2max - Structured into a bespoke plan by a professional coach

The workouts within this training plan are based on the most up-to-date training physiology research. In many cases I have spoken with the researchers themselves to ensure their findings translate as well as possible to practical application.


Each workout includes information on the goals and training impact. Training load, accumulated stress and recovery periods have been designed for intermediate riders to get the most performance benefit and adaptation out of the 4 weeks of specific work.


All workouts in your plan can be exported to Zwift, TrainerRoad, or a compatible head unit (e.g. Garmin or Wahoo), or a companion app of your choice. Some rides (those with short VO2 intervals) are better performed on a smart trainer/bike in ERG mode (fixed power output) due to the frequently changing power demands.


This plan is primarily prescribed by power output. Therefore you will need a power meter on your bike OR a indoor trainer/bike that measres power output.
Heart rate monitoring is used as a second qualifier for work intensity on some sessions. This is not essential, however will provide useful context about your feelings of exertion and intensity on a particular day.

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Training Plan Sample Week


Average Weekly Breakdown

Workouts Weekly Average Longest Workout
Bike x6
09:35:00 03:00:00
Day Off x1
—— ——
Workouts Per Week Weekly Average Longest Workout
09:35:00 03:00:00
Day Off
—— ——

Training Load By Week

This plan works best with the following fitness devices:

  • Power Meter

All supported devices

Tom Helleman

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Are you training to do something challenging?

You've tried a bunch of different strategies but you just don't seem to make progress year on year.

I can add real value to your training.

Avoid the pitfalls of self-coaching and get a birds-eye view of your training from a professional who recognises the patterns and can implement adjustments before you waste your valuable training time.

"Making you fast, faster."

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