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Road / Fondo Base - 3 Months - Includes Downloads, Strength


Peter Glassford

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14 Weeks

Plan Specs

cycling road cycling intermediate advanced power based hr based base period

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Plan Description

This plan is for those wanting to build their base fitness for road riding and racing.

It assumes you have limited time and accomadates for cross-training and some core/strength.

Features Downloadable workouts for Garmin/Zwift/Trainer Road for most workouts (ie. not for more 'free'/simple endurance rides)

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Average Weekly Breakdown

Workouts Weekly Average Longest Workout
5:59 hrs 5:00 hrs
0:06 hrs 0:30 hrs
0:17 hrs 0:20 hrs
0:25 hrs 0:30 hrs
Workouts Per Week Weekly Average Longest Workout
5:59 hrs 5:00 hrs
0:06 hrs 0:30 hrs
0:17 hrs 0:20 hrs
0:25 hrs 0:30 hrs

Training Load By Week

Peter Glassford

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Other Services: Strength, Kinesiology, Bike Skills, Phone Consult

Sample Day 1

Recovery Spin 45 ( DL2)

very easy spinning on bike - Avoid sprinting, low RPM and sustained effort RPE should be 5 or less out of 10 - "like a walk on the bike" - no hard breathing, make it social, move gently for duration. - A small break to socialize/errands/coffee or to sit in the sun is great - do not fall into the trap of training on recovery days

Sample Day 2

Practice - CP 3min/20min TT with building pace 8/10 effort

Today you will warmup and do a 3 min TT, do 10min easy spinning then 20min TT ... easy! Don't overthink this. It is just a workout. Show up and pedal. There is nothing special you can do today.

WU: Like a race. Be sweating and activated before the workout. Customize this to your preference so you are familiar on race day.
If you don't have a personal WU try 20-30 min w. 3-6 x 45-60 sec hard efforts with slightly higher cadence. Aim to have HR close to threshold/race average HR by end of warmup.
Main WO:
- Complete a 3min TT - this is not a warmup for the 20min but its own TT so push this one, aim to finish it harder then you start.
- 10min very easy spinning. Try to keep this duration the same between tests to gauge recovery ability.
- 20min TT holding best power output for 20min, a 10-30sec hard start then settle in a bit below target watts for first 10min is usually the best strategy. The last 3-5min shouldbe the focus, sandbag a bit on first 5min for sure.
CD: Spin easy to finish time
POST: TELL ME how you felt, strategy and anything about the days before, list key workout data (you should see this on your device as you finish interval) :
Cp3 - 330w
Cp20- 240w,

Sample Day 3

Meditation, Yoga, Core, Swimming, Walking

Meditation, Yoga, Swimming, Core and Walking are all possible rejuvenation activities today
-Try 5-10 min of each or 30+ of any of the modes above as long as it is rejuvenating - no beat downs today! Playing with kids/dogs or friends accomplishes much of the below!
OAK app on IPHONE for medition guidance
LINKS -> Molly Yoga Routine
= pick 5 exercises ... do 10-20 reps, use what you ahve ... keep going for 10 min. This should not be overly strenuous.
This is a knee/therapy focused routine -
- Go for a walk. Try to mix up surfaces and terrain. Add a friend and/or some errands for bonus points.
Swimming - get in water and float. This need not be a workout but focused on relaxing. Work on gliding and floating or just walking in water.

Sample Day 5

outside bike or xtrain <3hrs indoors Undulate End. .7 IF (DL2)

Up to 3 hrs if outdoors, limit to 90min indoors
WU: as required

10 min <70%MHR (can extend this)

30-90min 65-75% MHR using the endurance zone to mix up intensity and vary cadence

For 30-90 min alternate:
- 2min 72-77%FTP (70-78%MHR)
- 2min 59-65%FTP (65-70%MHR)
- 2min 65-72%FTP (68-72%MHR)

*if hitting 80% MHR please back wattage/effort down ... this may need to be adjusted as the workout goes on.
CD: as required

Sample Day 6

Your Core Routine - Commit to 10 min !

Daily Core
- We all say we 'should' do core/strength/stretch but when are you going to go to the gym?
the daily 10 min core is the MOST successful intervention I have seen to GET IT DONE

This Document can provide ideas but please make it your own! Use your surroundings whether that is a hotel gym, a hotel room or your own 'training cave'

the idea with this workout is to incorporate some full body motion daily. this is in your calendar to provide a focus and reminder. This can be done in the morning while breakfast cooks, or before/after your ride.
Note: pick 5-10 exercises and rotate through them for 10 mintues. Think about variety for front/sides/back and get standing in some lunge or single leg stances as well.
Use any physio/injury/mobility / yoga exercises you are 'supposed' to do or that you enjoy!

-Set a timer and do work! - we want 10-15 MIN of work where we progress reps/load/challenge just a bit each day/week. Some days will be stronger than others as your training/life load dictates but work through and pay attention to what your body is saying to you!
Example routine (10-20 reps or 20-60 sec each)
-> Back Ext. laying on ground

-> deadbug - lay on back raise/lower alt. side

-> Bird dog - on hands/knees - alt lit limbs

-> BEARDOG ( birddog with knees lifted 1 inch)

-> Plank Alternates (arm, leg and/or both lifts)

-> Crab walk or crab position leg ext

-> Glute Bridge - two and/or one leg

-> Side PLANK / CLAM shell - add leg lifts

-> Scissor leg lift/lowers (on back) keep low back pinned to ground*****

-> Back extension

-> 1 Leg romanian DL (Airplanes)
more ideas from ANYWHERE CORE
'Foundation' Core / back 12 min routine

Sample Day 7

4 x 30 sec spinups + Tempo 2-3 x 12 ( DL2 - mx )

* super steady rolling to hilly terrain, must keep pedaling, prioritize hr/wattage over rpm. Road or Gravel Road, not on trail or busy area.
4 x 30sec spinups holding max cadence for last 10sec / 1 min recovery between easy
2-3 x 12 min ON 80-85 %MHR 75-85RPM and
* Watts aim 75-85% cp20
- OFF 2-4 min Easy, 95/105 rpm (or back down hill)
Then finish ride easy endurance @ 90+RPM - any skill work super .

Sample Day 8

outside bike or xtrain up to 3hrs -or - indoors Endurance at .7 IF (DL2)

Up to 3 hrs if outdoors, limit to 90min indoors
WU: as required

10 min <70%MHR (can extend this)

30-90min at .7IF (middle of endurance range with some time towards top of endurance wattage/HR ranges)
Limit HR to 80%MHR
**Note the goal isn't to ride at 80% MHR so reduce output if at 80% early in this workout to optimize the load for your body **
CD: as required

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