6 Week Threshold (FTP) and Aerobic Power development


Noel Bonk

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6 Weeks

Typical Week

5 Bike, 2 Strength, 1 Day Off

Longest Workout

2:30 hrs

Plan Specs

cycling road cycling beginner intermediate masters power based

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Includes power-based structured workouts!

Increase your Threshold Power (FTP) and endurance via our 6-week plan. The program includes workouts and intervals targeting both aerobic foundations, sweet spot, threshold and VO2Max, all designed to raise both the time to exhaustion at Threshold (TTE) as well as your power at threshold. 

Designed for any level rider, this plan can be used in the off-season build up or in-season to give your power a boost. 

About BonkWerx Endurance Sports Coaching: 

We offer personalized coaching programs for cyclists and triathletes of all abilities. We also provide professional level bike fitting, performance testing, seasonal training plans and consultations to fit your needs. Our coaches focus on scientific-based and athlete-centric methods that are proven by results and that equip our athletes with the training and knowledge to help them achieve their goals.

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Training Load By Week
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 07:27

Noel Bonk

BonkWerx Endurance Sports Coaching

BonkWerx Endurance Sports Coaching provides personalized coaching for cyclists and triathletes of all abilities. We also provide professional level bike fitting, performance testing, seasonal training plans and consultations to fit your goals. Founded with a focus on scientific based and athlete-centric coaching, we equip our athletes with the knowledge and methods to help them succeed.

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Sample Day 1

20 min FTP Test

This is a test for you to find your current FTP power number. Do this test either on a trainer or flat section of road with no interruptions.

Warm-up 1:
Ride in an easy gear for 10 mins Zone 1/90+ rpms. Following the 10 mins do 3 x 1-minute high cadence "fast pedals" with a minute rest between (100+ rpms). Recover for 5 minutes in an easy gear Zone 1/90 + rpms
MS1: Ride 5 minutes all out, but not so hard that you can't complete the interval. Recover for 10 minutes in an easy gear Zone 1/90+ rpms
MS2: 20-minute all out time trial effort. Aim to keep pace between 90-95 rpms. Pace out your effort so you are not going too hard in the beginning. By the end of the 20 minutes you should have given everything you have.
Cool down: IMPORTANT - 10 to 15 minute of easy riding.

Sample Day 2

SaltySweet v1

Warm up/WU: 15 mins - include 4 x 30 seond fast pedals

Main Set/MS1:

4 x 2 mins @ VO2max (110-120% of FTP) and into 8 mins at Sweet spot (High Zone 3)
5 min recovery between intervals


Cool Down/CD:

10 mins EZ pedaling

Sample Day 3

Threshold Busters v1 #BonkWerx

Warm up - 20 mins EZ progressive into high zone 2/low zone 3


MS1: 4 x 6 mins at high zone 4 w/ 3 mins rest


CD - 10 mins EZ pedaling

Sample Day 4

Sweetspot CrissCross v1

CrissCross Intervals:

Alternate high Zone 3 (90% FTP) and then up to high Zone 5 (120% ftp) for 90 seconds. Recover Zone 2 and repeat.

Sample Day 5

CX - Core/abs work

A strong and stable core is extremely important when it comes to cyclocross. Please choose 6 core exercises and do as supersets. For example.

Exercise 1 & 2 - Do 3 sets
Exercise 3 & 4 - Do 3 sets
Exercise 5 & 6 - Do 3 sets

Sample exercises:

Side Plank
1/2 Turkish Get-ups
Leg lifts
Mountain Climbers
Bear Walks

Sample Day 5

Box Plyo - Basic 1

Plyometric work!

Please remember this is NOT an aerobic workout. It is explosive, take your time between movements and always step down softly from the box.

Use a box that you can jump up that is stable and wide enough to support you. This can be from 12 - 24" high. You may need different heights for the jumps. You can use shin guards if you are worried about striking your shins.

First week - 1 set of 10
Second week - 2 sets of 10
Third week - 3 sets of 12
Fourth week - 4 sets of 12

Do in this order.
1- Double Leg Box Jumps
2 - Single Leg Box Jumps
3 - Seated Double Leg Box Jumps
4 - Seated Single Leg Box Jumps
5 - Speed Shuffle

Sample Day 6

Front loaded endurance ride v1 #BonkWerx

6 Week Threshold (FTP) and Aerobic Power development

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