Increase your anaerobic power in 4 weeks


Taylor Warren

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4 Weeks

Typical Week

1 Day Off, 6 Bike

Longest Workout

2:00 hrs

Plan Specs

cycling road cycling beginner intermediate advanced masters power based hr based tss based

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4 Week anaerobic build. This is a great plan for anyone looking to improve their sprint power, from 5 seconds to 1 min. This plan includes workouts to improve leg speed with cadence drills and also maximal force production with some standing start drills. There are also some sprint drills to improve sprinting in a variety of different scenarios. The weekend workouts aim to improve 30 seconds to 1 minute power. Later in the plan, there is a workout designed to incorporate anaerobic power into a crit race scenario. This is a great plan to improve performances in crits or to build on top of an aerobic base to incorporate a block of speed into a yearly training plan. Contact for questions about the plan and for tips for where to go once the plan is over.


Training Load By Week
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 08:38

Taylor Warren

Apogee Performance Coaching

Areas of expertise include race prep/tactics, nutritional guidance, time trial strategy and sports psychology.

Services I provide include a general consultation, where we go over a rough road map of the season as well as a nutritional consult. I also provide customized weekly training plans and at the top of my program, I provide power analysis as well.

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Sample Day 1

Spinning Work

Shorter ride but spend as much time as possible above 110 rpm's

Sample Day 2

Endurance Ride

This is not a tempo ride, so keep your HR mid-endurance as much as possible (65-80% of max HR).

Sample Day 3

Standing Starts

20 minute warm up then 10 starts with complete recovery (>5 minutes) in between each effort. 20 minute cool down. Each start effort should be done in a big gear from a standing start (53x15). Just 8 pedal strokes for each effort. Short but VERY intense work. Work on thrusting your hips towards your stem rather than rocking the bike back and forth to get going.

Sample Day 4

Active Recovery

Entire workout is done at a HR less than 60% of your max HR. This workout is intended to help you rest and recover from previous, more intense, workouts and to prepare your body for the upcoming, more intense workouts. It is VERY IMPORTANT that your HR does not go above 60% of your max HR.

Sample Day 5

Anaerobic intervals

Solid zone 2 warmup of about 20-30 minutes, with 2x10 sec jumps at 95% sprint effort + 2x10 seconds at highest rpm you can hold without rocking. After the warmup, move into the anaerobic work. 3 sets total. Set: 4x1 min with 1 min recovery between efforts. 6 min z1 or soft pedaling between sets. Roll low zone 2/endurance back home to cooldown

Sample Day 6

Endurance Ride + sprints

This is not a tempo ride, so keep your HR mid-endurance as much as possible (65-80% of max HR). Mid range zone 2, whether using heart rate or power

Sample Day 8

Spinning Work

Shorter ride but spend as much time as possible above 110 rpm's

Increase your anaerobic power in 4 weeks

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