8 week Bike Winter Trainer Program (Build/Strength period) Power Based

Average Weekly Breakdown
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Breakdown
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 06:57

This 8 week "Builld/Strength" Winter Trainer program consists of 3 powerbased indoor Trainer workouts + 1 endurance outdoor MTB/Cyclo Cross ride (HR based) + 1 Core/Strength session per week.

Sample Day 1
BRT 001 Bike Ramp Test

Bike Ramp Test Indoor Trainer. Start with a really good 15 to 20 min warm up. Incorporate 30 sec hard efforts after every 3 min. Start at 100W and increase your resistance level for 30watt every 3 min. Maintain a seated position and a cadence above 80 rpm for the duration of the test. Continue to increase the power every 3 minutes until you cannot complete the interval. When you have reached the last interval that you are able to complete, finish with a 1 min all out effort to reach your max HR.
Cool down for 10 to 15min easy.

Use the Max Power (watt) and Max HR to complete your power and HR profile in your TrainingPeaks account.

Sample Day 2
BTe 720

Bike Trainer Endurance
Please see details below or download the file

Sample Day 3
Core Circuit CC-001

Core Circuit CC-001
After warm up
30" crunches with 30" off
30" 1 legged Bridge with hip drop with 30" off
30" Side plank rotation wuth 30" off
4 times 30" plank with 10" off
2 times 30" Swiss Ball crunch with 30" off
30" reverse side crunches left + right - 30" off
2 times 16 Bird Dog (L + R) with 30" off
10 times 10" hold - Back Extension with 10" off

Perform 3 sets with 1 to 3min off.
Cool down and stretch

Sample Day 4
BTa 801

Bike Trainer Aeroob

Sample Day 6
CS 001: MTB/Cyclocross Skills

This workout is about skills. This can be done as a cyclocross-specific ride involving corning, dismounts/mounts, bunny hops, braking and other handling elements.
The point is to spend a concentrated 60/90' working directly on skills. Repetition, repetition, repetition.

Do not worry too much about effort level. Overall, the workout should not be too physically taxing (except as it relates to the skills). Have fun

Sample Day 7
Cycling Stretches


Sample Day 8
BTe 079

Bike Trainer Endurance

Frank Senders

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