Winter Training - Block 1

Training Load By Week
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 09:35

An eight week winter training block designed for the working athlete. This plan is suitable both to those who are just starting and seasoned cyclists who are looking to get off to a more structured start.

Targeting 9-10 hours of high quality training per week this block is designed to target endurance gains of over 50%. The sessions are written based on training with power but are easily adaptable to those training only with HR data.

Feel free to get in touch with any questions before embarking on this programme.

Sample Day 1
Endurance Intervals (Turbo)

Turbo session working endurance intervals with a target cadence of 95-105RPM during threshold efforts.

Remain seated during max efforts and lift cadence to increase power output whilst remaining in the same gearing as threshold effort.

Sample Day 2
Tension Intervals (Turbo)

Strength work on the bike to improve strength, aid in the recruitment of more fast-twitch muscle fibers and to bring your glutes into play.

Pay attention to the target cadences.

Sample Day 4
Threshold Test (Turbo)

Threshold test built to suit power but equally at home for use with HRM. Testing early is key to establish a base line over the block of training ahead.

The biggest key when threshold testing is to target an effort that can be sustained for the 20 minute test duration. If starting too hard then will likely blow around 15 minutes in. Try to plan as a 10TT style of effort.

Sample Day 5
TT Intervals (Turbo)

Time trial style intervals keeping a high sustained effort, just below threshold. Try to keep a smooth and constant cadence throughout the active working blocks.

Sample Day 6
Hilly Road Ride

Keep average effort low, roughly zone 3, on the flatter sections of the route whilst increasing into a zone 4 effort on the climbs. When climbing keep seated for duration of the climb and use gearing and cadence to keep the effort controlled.

Use the descents as recovery to lower back into the targeted zone.

Sample Day 7
Road Ride

Zone 3 average base ride on a rolling route. Keep the gearing nice and easy whilst using cadence and route profile to keep overall effort under control.

Sample Day 9
Endurance Intervals (Turbo)

Base endurance session working time trial efforts with a short exit ramp to stretch the legs out ahead of strength session tomorrow.

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