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Ride the Tour 2017 Intermediate & Advanced Training Plan


Menachem Brodie

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4 Weeks

Plan Specs

cycling road cycling intermediate advanced masters power based hr based pace based tss based

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Plan Description

Human Vortex Training Menachem BrodieDesigned by exercise scientist, expert coach and athlete Menachem Brodie, BS, CSCS this program brings you his knowledge, experience, and expertise from coaching endurance athletes from around the globe the last 9+ years.

Do you have what it takes to tackle a brutal 3.5 weeks of riding?

The Ride the Tour 2017 program will allow Riders to jump in to the action this July, and suffer along with the Pros!!
This program was designed based off of the Stage profiles, allowing each rider to push their limits and build their fitness, while "riding along with the pro's".
Filled with intervals names to help you imagine you are right there next to your favorite pro, this program is built to allow you to build your fitness in a fun, imaginative, and creative way, allowing you to be pushed to new fitness heights by your favorite pro rider as they ride the actual tour!

Will I ride every day the Pros do?
The training plan features 5 days of riding a week, with two of your rest days matching the pro's. Additional Rest days are programmed in, allowing you to recover from your efforts, as well as to sit back and watch the pro's do their thing!

Will This program help me ride stronger?
Built by a certified USA Cycling Expert Level Coach with International Coaching experience, this program will help you push your fitness, and your limits further!

**This training plan is extremely intensive, and is not for beginners or those who only ride low intensity/endurance. Before starting this, or any exercise program, consult your physician.**

Questions? Please visit us on the web at or email Coach Brodie directly at:

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Average Weekly Breakdown

Workouts Weekly Average Longest Workout
9:24 hrs 3:16 hrs
—— ——
Workouts Per Week Weekly Average Longest Workout
9:24 hrs 3:16 hrs
—— ——

Menachem Brodie, NSCA-CSCS, USAC-PBT

Human Vortex Training LLC

Remarkable Value provided to clients:
Advanced understanding of Biomechanics, Injuries, Rehab, & Sports performance (Mental & Physical components)

Having been one of the slowest riders of my riding group when I started, I had to quickly use my background in Strength Training & Exercise Physiology to figure out how to keep up. 10 years later, I've helped athletes around the world to maximize their potential and power!

  • Advanced experience & knowledge in Injuries, Rehab, and Sports Performance

Sample Day 1

Time Trial/Field Test

We start our Intermediate Ride along with a Field test, which allows us to find our CURRENT Functional Threshold number, which will allow for the next month of riding, to be right on target.

Push hard, as we want to try to take the "Yellow Jersey" with our best ever Time Trial Effort!

Sample Day 2

A few small hills, and a sprint- Short SSI's, Sprint

Fast and Furious today with the intermediate sprint, and a nice little pair of climbs!

Sample Day 3

Hilly ride through Luxe

Today we want to cover any early attacks, allowing us to be in position to take the sprint points.

Make sure to eat after the intermediate sprint, as we have a few hard climbs in the second half of todays stage.

Be smart, be only as active as you need to be, but stay close enough to the front to matter.

Tomorrow is a rest day!

Sample Day 5

Let's get the Cat 1 climb Started!

Todays Stage we want to keep the Green Jersey you have brought back, so be ready to work for great position as we lost in to the intermediate sprint!

Make sure you're eating immediately after you keep the Green Jersey, as the sprint is right at the base of the first climb of the day.

The stage finished off with two climb- the second a Cat 1 up to the finish.

Sample Day 6

Rollers - Tempo with Short Sprints Within

Todays stage features rolling terrain with a few little climb.

We'll doing Tempo efforts with Short Sprints within, as well as a few Sprints from low speed.

Sample Day 8

Let the Mountains begin!

With the Green Jersey on your back, you want to keep it at least one last day, before we hit the Mountains.

We work hard to get you off the front up the climb before the sprint, with a few hard kickers before the category climb for the day begin.

Ride smart, as well will be pushing hard to get you to the top of each mountain with he lead group!

Sample Day 9

Triple HC Climbs, and some Jelly Legs

Todays Stage will certainly bring out the big hitters, as 3 (THREE!!) HC Climbs are featured in todays stage.

Make sure you eat after each of the big efforts in the ride, as you can't afford to bonk on this one!

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