Increase your FTP in 8 weeks


Taylor Warren

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8 Weeks

Typical Week

1 Day Off, 6 Bike

Longest Workout

3:30 hrs

Plan Specs

cycling road cycling beginner intermediate masters weightloss power based hr based

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For athletes looking for training plan that will seriously boost their functional threshold power. Whether you are a racer or just looking to improve your threshold to smoke your mates on the group ride, this is a good starting point. The plan follows an initial standard FTP test to accurately assess a baseline to calculate training zones with. The format then follows progressive overload as volume slowly increases as does intensity/time at FTP. Longest training week is 14:30 hours and rest weeks are every three weeks to decrease fatigue to further improve. Retest at the end of the 8 weeks to track your FTP progress and recalculate zones to get ready for the next training block. Contact me at for questions, advice and variations to the training plan


Training Load By Week
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 11:49

Taylor Warren

Apogee Performance Coaching

Areas of expertise include race prep/tactics, nutritional guidance, time trial strategy and sports psychology.

Services I provide include a general consultation, where we go over a rough road map of the season as well as a nutritional consult. I also provide customized weekly training plans and at the top of my program, I provide power analysis as well.

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Sample Day 1

Endurance Ride

This is not a tempo ride, so keep your HR mid-endurance as much as possible (65-80% of max HR).

Sample Day 2

Functional Threshold Test

Functional Threshold Test: - 20 min warm up at 65% of max HR - 1 min @100 rpms - 1 min @AR - 1 min @100 rpms - 1 min @AR - 1 min @100 rpms - 5 min @AR - 5 min all out, start at a high pace and hold it for 5 min, don't go so hard that you die at the end but can hold the pace through the entire 5 min - 10 min @65% of max HR - 20 min @TT pace (FT test) - 10 min @65% of max HR - 10 min @AR

Sample Day 3

Active Recovery

Entire workout is done at a HR less than 60% of your max HR. This workout is intended to help you rest and recover from previous, more intense, workouts and to prepare your body for the upcoming, more intense workouts. It is VERY IMPORTANT that your HR does not go above 60% of your max HR.

Sample Day 4


Warmup at zone 2 heart rate/power for about 20 min then tackle 2x15 min of sweetspot intensity, with about 15 min of zone 2 in between each effort. Ride for an hour at lower end zone 2 after the two efforts

Sample Day 5

Group ride

Go out for the local group ride. Take pulls and actively work, make this a hard productive workout

Sample Day 6

Endurance Ride

This is not a tempo ride, so keep your HR mid-endurance as much as possible (65-80% of max HR).

Sample Day 8

LT Build Week 1

Solid Z2 warmup of about 20 min, 2x15 min at low zone 4, 8 min z1 between. Fill in rest of time with Z2 riding.

Increase your FTP in 8 weeks

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