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8 Week Beginner Bike Focus to boost your cycling skills


Richard Peck

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8 Weeks

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Plan Description

Improve your Cycling Capability!
This is an 8 week Beginner Bike Focus plan that will improve your cycling capabilities. The workouts are a mix of technique, strength and endurance.

When appropriate, workouts are described in Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE) - on a scale of 1 to 10 where 10 is the hardest - and with training zones. The RPE or zones will be baselined at the end of the first week and then again at the end of the plan.

Workouts are designed to be conducted on a spin bike, stationary bike, trainer or on the road as appropriate. There is a mix of indoor and outdoor (if desired) cycling workouts. Although not required - a cadence meter and a heart rate monitor will enhance your experience when utilizing this plan.

Created by a USA Cycling & USA Triathlon Certified Coach
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Average Weekly Breakdown

Workouts Weekly Average Longest Workout
6:05 hrs 2:00 hrs
—— ——
Workouts Per Week Weekly Average Longest Workout
6:05 hrs 2:00 hrs
—— ——

Richard Peck

The Bike Rover

Trained and taught by the best cycling & triathlon coaches. Specializing in conveying this expertise & experience to help you achieve your goals by maximizing your training investment. Successfully apply proven methods & techniques coupled with the latest advancements in technology and training, I look forward to working with you to reach your peak performance!

Certifications: USA Triathlon (Level IIE), USA Cycling, Ironman, LEOMO Motion Analysis, Moxy Muscle Oxygen monitor and Training Peaks.

Sample Day 1

Easy Ride

Easy Ride flat course - low effort - light on pedals

Sample Day 2

Isolated Leg Training

On indoor trainer
Warm up 10min easy then
3min left leg clipped in - right leg clipped out resting on chain stay
2min recovery - both legs clipped in
3min right leg clipped in - left leg clipped out
repeat 2x
CD: 10 min easy

Sample Day 3

Easy Ride

Easy Ride flat course - low effort - light on pedals

Sample Day 4

Bike Form - Cadence

WU: 10min easy spin at self selected cadence
4min @ 90rpm
3min @ 100rpm
2min @ 110rpm
1min @ 120rpm
Repeat up to 3x
CD: 5min easy spin at self selected cadence

Sample Day 5

Easy Ride

Easy Ride flat course - low effort - light on pedals

Sample Day 8

Building Bike Efficiency

WU: 15min easy
MS: One legged drills with shoes clipped in - focus on one leg at a time
90sec right leg, 90sec left leg
45sec right leg, 45sec left leg, 45sec right leg, 45sec left leg
30sec left leg, 30sec right leg, increasing cadence every 5sec to max
20sec right leg, 20sec left leg for 2min
15sec right leg, 15sec left leg for 1min
10sec right leg, 10sec left leg for 40sec
5sec right leg, 5sec left leg for 20sec
3-4x1min at max cadence w/ 1min recovery
3-4x15sec at max cadence w/ 45sec recovery
CD: 15min easy

Sample Day 8

Glute strengthening x-training

45 of lunges, squats, and jumps All without weights. Sample exercises (but feel free to improvise) * rear foot planted, step forward into a lunge with alternating feet, stop when knee is at 90 degree angle, press back up to standing * hands out front like your passing a basketball, squat down with knees at 90 degrees, weight even between heels and balls of feet, hold down for 10 count, then jump, back down for 10 count, repeat. * "telemarks" - lunge forward with one foot, knee to 90 degrees, hold down for 10 count, then jump high, switch legs in air, land back in lunge with alternate foot forward, hold for 10 count, repeat Any time you are jumping, try to land softly with almost no sound - absorb your body weight and maximize the eccentric contractions.

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