Off Season / Transition Period = Off-Road, Cyclocross, Mountain Bike

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Off Season / Transition Period = Off-Road, Cyclocross, Mountain Bike


Peter Glassford

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5 Weeks

Typical Week

4 Other, 4 Bike, 3 Strength, 1 Custom

Longest Workout

2:30 hrs

Plan Specs

cycling mountain biking intermediate advanced masters weightloss time goal power based hr based strength base period

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The Smart Athlete Transition/Off-Season Block is a short plan meant to take you from your off-season to your base phase. Not all athletes require this phase but many athletes will benefit from this type of training after a hard season of racing and training.

This 5-week block (4 weeks training + 1 week getting started/recovery) helps you maintain your fitness while easing back into training and letting your body recover from a hard racing period.

Resist the urge to stack on volume, intensity or frequency too soon.

Go through the motions and arrive at the end of this block ready for your Base Phase.

Includes Anatomical Adaptation Strength phase with 2 unique weekly workouts.
For $99 Canadian I offer 3 months 100% Made For You Plans, which often works better as it takes your schedule, goals, equipment, and abilities into account ->
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Thank you for checking out my plans!


Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Breakdown
Average Weekly Training Hours: 06:37
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 06:37
Average Weekly Breakdown

Peter Glassford

Smart Athlete Coaching

Smart Athlete coaches busy, adult clients who want to do big crazy adventures!

Coaching and Training Plan Types

  • Trainingpeaks - Pre Made Training Plans (price and duration varies)
  • 3 Month 100% CUSTOM Plans are only $99 CAD - no calls, emails or adjustments
  • Weekly Coaching (Bronze) - email communication, some adjustments
  • Daily Coaching (Gold) - emails, calls, adjustments

Other Services: Strength, Kinesiology, Bike Skills, Phone Consult

Sample Day 1

MAF Test - 30min sub max HR for Distance

* on trainer or track or around a 2-10min loop to see how far you go in 30min at a SUBMAXIMAL HR. - *You will ride at or just below Maf HR. We want to see how fast you can go at an easy pace. Over time we want this pace to get faster. - => MafHR is 180-AGE, add 5bpm if training has been going perfect, no sickness/injury in last year. * USE PAST MAF HR IF HAVE DONE BEFORE - WU: Slowly build HR to your Goal MaF HR over 20-30min. - MAIN WO: = Once you are just under MAF HR Press LAP on your device and start the 30min effort - Press Lap every 10min to get an idea of how your pace is changing. - = Your only goal is to keep HR 0-3bpm UNDER the Maf HR , back off if you are at MAF HR - = WE Expect the speed/wattage to drop each Lap over the 30min . Do not fight this or stress ! - CD: = Finish time easy endurance - - POST : Please post the values for each Lap: - AVG HR / Speed / Distance / Watts / Cadence 1) 145bpm / 30km/hr / 3km / 200w / 90rpm 2) 145bpm / 29km/hr / 2.7km / 190w / 88rpm 3) ...

Sample Day 2

Strength Adaptation Phase 1 (AA-1)

download the attachment to this workout for image examples and to print or store on phone.

-*Anatomical Adaptation is meant to get you ready for heavy strength training.

Avoid pushing too hard in this phase, keep a few reps/sets in reserve always/Form focus.

2-5min cardio to get blood moving/temperature up *Skip , row, bike, run, elliptical all great
6 reps of 3-4 Active Flex movements such as lunge w. twist, glute bridge, sumo squat, airplanes, scap pushup, over-head dowel, inch-worm

3 sets 10-15 reps. Start at 10 reps, add weight when can do 15.

A- Lunge or Step Up w. Knee Up - Add Dumbbells/Weight as required.
A- Push Up (elevate hands or feet to reach reps)
A - Hip Flexor or Hip Mobility = 2 min

Main Set B:
3 sets 10-15 reps. Start at 10 reps, add weight when can do 15.

B- 1 Leg Romanian Deadlift - use weight if have, else work on form-control
B- ½ Kneeling - Single Arm - Overhead Press
B - Side Plank left/right from knees or feet (full side plank), or plank w. leg lift (vary with ability) 20-60 sec each

Main Set C:
3 sets 10-15 reps. Start at 10 reps, add weight when can do 15.

C- Pullup or Row (TRX, or Dumbell)
C- Back Extension (on ground or apparatus)
C- Prone Plank 30sec-60sec *touch knee down every 10sec

5-10min on personal mobility limiter

Sample Day 4

Open up post workout - 20 min AnyWhere Core - 10 reps - 2-4 sets

This is great if you are unable to get the days workout in or if you want to add strength to travel or at home.
Ease into it or do some active flex to warmup
Video to get idea / rough demos
Do 2-4 sets of below:
10 reps per move
- Reverse Lunge w. Twist
- Pushup (raise hands as needed to get reps in plank position / no knee pushups)
- V-Sit w. Twist
- Plank on elbows
- Air Squat
- Row or Pullup of some type (lift your trainer?)
- Side Plank - 10 top leg lifts / side

Sample Day 5

Meditation + YOGA + CORE

Try 10 min of each or 30+ of your choice mode as long as it is rejuvenating - no beat downs today!
OAK app on IPHONE for medition guidance
LINKS -> Molly Yoga Routine
= pick 5 exercises ... do 10-20 reps, use what you ahve ... keep going for 10min
- for ideas

Sample Day 6

5 x 40 sec HARD / recovery 5-12 min as needed (DL)

RIDE can be longer / part of normal group ride or on trainer (may need to slightly adjust trainer watts down 10-20w). This should not be maximal or leave you depleted mentally or physically.
WU: with strength/active flex OR normal race warmup / building and activating HR up over 85% to be ready for these HIGH focus efforts
- 5 x 40 sec HARD
recovery 5-12 min as needed (don't rush the recovery to ensure efforts are HARD)
can add time if have it today but this workout should stand alone as hard short workout you need to recover from if done right!

Sample Day 6

200 Reps

WU: 200 reps mixed through 5-6 warmup motions (lunge, sumo-squat, side-lunge, arm swing, leg swing)
- Row or bike can be used for SOME of this using calories/kilojoules as 'reps'

- Choose 2 Leg Exercises - Eg. Squat, Deadlift,
- Choose 2 Arm Exer. E.g. Bent Row, Pushup
- Choose 1 Core/Torso/Carries/Crawls - Bear Crawl

Complete 200 *total* reps using above 5 Exercises

Sample Routine
- 3 sets of 8 squats + 10 Pushups (54)
- 4 Sets of 5 Deadlifts + 15 Bent Rows (80)
- Finish w. 66 Bear Crawl Reps (breaks as needed)

CD: Yoga/Mobility for 5-10 min focused on deep breathing and relaxing into ball/stretch

Sample Day 8

CKS - Coordination Kitchen Sink - spinups, stomps, fast pedal, one leg

GOAL: To build capacity to pedal in different ways and at different speeds.

WU: ride 10min easy, include a 5x 30sec spinups (10 sec fast/faster/fastest) be smooth and maintain good posture/forward gaze

1) ONE LEG & Fast Pedal
30sec Right leg hr in END range 65-75%mhr
30sec left leg
2min both legs at 100-120rpm 80-85%mhr
- every 2 min on the minute do a 15 RPM SEATED STOMP SPRINT. Be in a hard gear, and start at low speeed/low cadence then stomp, pedaling from the hip to accelerate cadence. Ideally you are fighting to keep cadence in the 70-85RPM RANGE. Like going thru sand!

- as time allows easy pedaling, can focus on breathing deeply thru belly and expanding rib cage with eyes closed and your butter smooth pedal stroke!

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