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3 Months Until Leadville 100 Mile MTB Training Plan

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3 Months Until Leadville 100 Mile MTB Training Plan


Peter Glassford

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13 Weeks

Plan Description

About the Plan

This plan is for Intermediate and advanced riders doing the Leadville 100 Trail Mountain Bike Race.

Note this plan starts on May 13, 2024 and finishes on the August Leadville Event Weekend and can not be shifted for other events so If you are looking for a plan for another 100 miler or long race please see my 100 miler 3 Month Build plan

Is this Plan for You?
This plan will get you fit but also make sure you are prepared technically, tactically, and logistically. It follows the same progressions and ideas I have used to help athletes get both 9 and 12-hour belt buckles. For goals under 9 hours, I would suggest looking at coaching or a custom 3-month plan (see below) or coaching.

The plan requires about 6-8 hours in shorter weeks up to 12-15+ hours in longer weeks. The workouts suggest a range that you choose based on your daily availability and your baseline fitness.

What Does It Include?

Notes are included to help you prepare to succeed. A large percentage of success at long endurance events is due to good preparation. Fitness is important but many a race is lost due to pacing, nutrition or technical/tactical errors.

The workouts suggest a range that you choose based on your daily availability, your fitness and your goals.

Weekly/monthly notes are included to help you prepare to succeed at these long races.

General Core/Yoga Sessions and Walking are included and encouraged in all Consummate Athlete Plans!

This plan has structured downloadable workouts (e.g. for Zwift/Garmin) but as the race approaches there are fewer as you are expected to be outside exploring and working on your pacing so a download file is redundant if not distracting from the goal of your workouts.
*If you need/want structured downloads please consider 3 Month Made for You Plans

Workouts will use Heart Rate, Power and RPE (feeling) as appropriate. All Structured downloads use power but are not required to complete the plan.

Do you have an Irregular Schedule or Want a Custom Training Plan?

If you have an irregular schedule, want to race a lot, or if this race is a very big stretch for you than you will want to consider a 3- month 100% made for you plan

I also offer a 3 months Made For You Plan, which eliminate much of the friction of pre-made plans because it takes your schedule, goals, equipment, and abilities into account = Learn about 3 Month Plans

Please feel free to email me for more details

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Training Plan Sample Week


Average Weekly Breakdown

Workouts Weekly Average Longest Workout
Bike x5
10:43:00 11:30:00
Strength x2
00:19:00 00:10:00
Other x1
00:07:00 00:30:00
Walk x1
00:28:00 00:30:00
Workouts Per Week Weekly Average Longest Workout
10:43:00 11:30:00
00:19:00 00:10:00
00:07:00 00:30:00
00:28:00 00:30:00

Training Load By Week

~ Peter Glassford - Cycling Training Plans & MTB Coach - Ontario, Canada ~

Consummate Athlete - Cycling Coaching

Peter Glassford is a Mountain Bike Coach from Ontario, Canada

His business, Consummate Athlete helps busy adult athletes balance life and big adventures by focusing on Consistency, Confidence, Cross-training and Community! Our website offers articles and a podcast for anyone interested in a different perspective on endurance training as an adult.

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This plan is protected by our Refund Policy and may, with the author's approval, be exchanged for a plan of equal value from the same author.

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