KC 11 min Zwift warm-up


Dr Garry Palmer

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6 Day Off, 1 Bike

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0:11 hrs

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cycling indoor advanced power based

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This is a rapid 4 min warm-up designed for KC to be used prior to Zwift races. It is short and very intense, and ideally a longer effort should be used, but it is the essential "in case of emergency" use this warm-up :-)

THIS IS ONE SESSION ONLY, and NOT a week long training plan.


Training Load By Week
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 00:11

Dr Garry Palmer


Sportstests' Dr Garry Palmer provides the ultimate personalised coaching & sports testing for cyclists, triathletes and runners. Whether you're a beginner or an elite athlete, knowing your personalised training zones will help you improve faster and to a higher level.

Testing provides a wealth of information such as your Vo2 max, aerobic threshold, lactate threshold, aerobic capacity and much more. Knowing how hard to train and where your weaknesses lie will help you become a better athlete.

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Sample Day 1

KC 11 min Zwift race warm-up

Pre-race Zwift warm-up, designed to get the blood flowing and lungs open pre-race, this is an ideal warm-up for shorter races where you have a reasonable amount of time to get ready pre-event

KC 11 min Zwift warm-up

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