Cycling Strength Builder - FTP Focused (6 week reusable plan)

Average Weekly Training Hours 04:20
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 04:20
Training Load By Week

This is a power (watt) based 6 week strength builder! It starts and finishes with an FTP test to determine how much you progress over the length of the program. This plan is perfect for indoor training over the winter training months when the indoor trainer is your best friend and/or your only option.

The great thing about focusing on FTP is that it is extremely beneficial for all types of cyclists and triathletes, especially those whose limiter is the bike. I often have my athletes set Threshold goals because they are much more tangible early on than the "A" Race that is months away. This plan also works well for athletes who can't afford to spend 3+ hours on their bike on Saturday and Sunday, swapping extended duration for higher intensity.

Each workout can downloaded to most training apps like Rouvy and Zwift using Training Peaks software, reducing the guessing game!

This plan also comes with a Training Zone guide and Resource Guide PDFs attached to the first workout so that you can understand how this fits into the overall goals of endurance training.

Sample Day 2
FTP Baseline

This is to establish a baseline. Set your current FTP roughly 15-20 watts lower than the one from the previous season. There will have been a slight decrease in strength over your rest period, so set your FTP accordingly. Ride at 100% for 5 minutes, If you feel okay after the first 5 minutes, increase to 105%. If you great, increase to 110% for next 10 minutes. Last 5 minutes give it all you got.

At the end you should be notified if your FTP increased. To calculate it yourself, it is 20 minute Peak Power of the workout (found with Analyze button) x .95 = FTP

Download the Resource Guide and Training Zones PDFs for more information about how this plan fits into your overall training by clicking on the paperclip.

Sample Day 3
Up to 60 minute recovery ride between 55-65%

Sample Day 4
Low to High Threshold Intervals - Can push to Friday to work off Thanksgiving

Sample Day 6
Power Intervals : Step Ups

Sample Day 9
V02 Intervals

Sample Day 10
Up to 60 minute recovery ride between 55-65%

Sample Day 11
2 x 20 Minutes at Tempo

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