Century Ride Training/Aids LifeCycle 8 wk training plan by Stoller

Average Weekly Training Hours 08:48
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 08:48
Training Load By Week

Are you doing the Aids Life Cycle? Are you looking for a turnkey training program to get you ready for your big week of cycling!? Look no further, this plan is for you! In this training program you will be introduced to simple to follow daily training plan. The plan is set-up to start 8 weeks before the ALC. At the end of the program you will have good base fitness and have the confidence needed to perform well over a week of riding. This program is intended for individuals with a basic level of fitness and bike control. All workouts can be adjusted to fit into your lifestyle and comfort level. Be advised that the plan as described is the recommended training plan for new and recreational riders. Please make sure you are healthy enough for physical workouts before starting this plan.

Sample Day 1
Welcome Ride

For this workout you should work on getting comfortable on your bike. Please pick a course that you know well so that your concentration can be on how you feel on the bike. It is very important to work out any comfort concerns now so that your training and your event will turn out much better.

Sample Day 2
Gear Control 2

Starting from your hardest gear (smallest in the back and largest in the front) ride for 10 seconds in each gear before shifting up with your rear gears. Once you have completed 5 shifts in the back, shift into your middle gear in the front and then continue to climb up your gears in the back. Once you reach your easiest gear do the same thing in reverse (Shifting into a harder gear every 10 seconds). When you complete the entire shift ramp up and down, rest for 5 minutes and repeat 2 more times.

Sample Day 3
Crosstraining workout 1

Your choice of crosstraining/easy ride.

Sample Day 4
Easy Spin/Small ring only

Start the ride off with your chain on the small ring in the front (if you have a double chainring) or your middle chainring if you have a triple. Ride in the middle of your gears in the back, this gear should feel fairly easy to pedal.

Stay in an easy gear through this workout, concentration is on a smooth pedal stroke at an rpm range above 90.

This workout will improve your pedaling skills while flushing out soreness in your muscles.

Sample Day 5
Big gear climbs

Ride several 1-2 minute climbs of varying grades. Shift to a higher gear than you would normally use for any given climb. Cadence is 50-60 rpm. Seated. Heart rate max is 5a zone (PES 6).

Sample Day 7
Endurance Ride/ seated hills

PES 1-3 on a rolling course. Try to stay seated on climbs to work on hip-extenders strength.

Sample Day 8
Endurance Ride W food test

At 90+ rpm, ride on a rolling course keeping your effort between zone 2-3 (PES 2-5).

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