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8 Week Plan to Gravel Glory


Taylor Warren

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8 Weeks

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Plan Description

This is an 8 week plan that uses progressive overload to build on itself to keep you adapting and improving your fitness throughout the plan. The format is 3 weeks build, 1 week of rest and recovery to adapt and freshen up physically and mentally, followed by another 3 week build and a last week taper into the event. Mid week the rides are kept pretty short to accommodate those working a full schedule. The workouts use the workout builder so they can easily be uploaded and done on a trainer. The plan works on a variety of aspects to get you ready to not only complete your event but to excel in it. Mid week, the plan focuses on FTP building with various sweetspot workouts. There are also cadence drills to improve pedaling efficiency and improve leg speed as well as overgear work to improve muscular endurance and seated climbing for ultra steep gradients. On the weekend, the rider will face a group ride most Saturdays and Sundays are for building long aerobic endurance, best if done on the dirt or similar terrain that you will find in the event. The plan also includes plenty of rest days to keep the rider fresh and able to produce good quality workouts. This plan really benefits the rider if used in conjunction with a power meter or smart trainer.

Training Plan Sample Week


Average Weekly Breakdown

Workouts Weekly Average Longest Workout
Bike x6
10:09 hrs 5:00 hrs
Day Off x1
—— ——
Workouts Per Week Weekly Average Longest Workout
10:09 hrs 5:00 hrs
Day Off
—— ——

Training Load By Week

Taylor Warren

Taylored Fitness

Areas of expertise include race prep/tactics, nutritional guidance, time trial strategy and sports psychology.

Services I provide include a general consultation, where we go over a rough road map of the season as well as a nutritional consult. I also provide customized weekly training plans and at the top of my program, I provide power analysis as well.

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