Gravel Grinder - Advanced - Flat

Average Weekly Training Hours 11:23
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 11:23
Training Load By Week

Got gravel on the brain? We’ll help you train! Our Gravel Grinder Training Plan will help you prepare to go long & strong over every climb and gravel section the race can throw at you. Choose between a basic, intermediate or advanced training plan based on the amount of time you have to train per week, your age and you ability level.

This periodized plan will have you progressing your riding time and intensity as you near race day. You’ll start with a Field Test will set your training zones with the included FasCat Wattage and Heart Rate Zones Sheet. Then you’ll ride race simulations on the weekends leading into the race so you can make sure your legs & bike are ready! There’s even tips on nutrition & hydration that you can practice on these simulation rides!

Additionally, this training plan includes all the “marginal gains” details to get even faster: Recovery Techniques, Rest Days, Yoga, Foundations, and best of all, Strength and Conditioning – all you need is a physical therapy style rubber band and MOTIVATION! There are instructional videos in the plan for you to follow along at home. You’ll perform structured Sweet Spot and Tempo intervals mid-week and have the option to join group rides on the weekends (where we coach you how to sweet spot on the group ride). There’s also recommendations for riding longer/shorter for flexibility so you can stay on track when life throws a curve ball.

Questions about using this training plan? email/call: or 720.406.7444

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed: if you are unsatisfied with the plan, your performance, anything, we will refund your plan at anytime

Sample Day -24
Threshold Intervals 2 x 15 minutes

2 x 15 minutes ON Threshold; 10 minutes recovery
98 - 105% of your race pace. HARD. Zone 4 threshold/wattages-Recommend doing these on a climb if possible.

Sample Day -20
Gravel Simulation # 1

4 hours
You choose your Route but you are seeking out one that simulates your Gravel Grinder Course.
This ride is as much mental as it is physical. It won't be pretty so just grunt it out. If you finish - that is the accomplishment - not power output
Plan your water stops to fill up bottles.

Sample Day -13
Gravel Simulation #2

5 hours
Lots and Lots of Sustain Dirt and/or Efforts
Same as last week but make adjustments on the route, your pacing and possibly hydration/nutrition

Sample Day -10
Zone 6: THREE 1 minuters

3 x 1 min on 1 min off; FuULL GAS
Zone 6/FG Intervals! As hard as you can.

Sample Day -6
1/2 Gravel Simulation

Ride your course's [or what you have available] most difficult section - pretty close to full gas, you can use this effort as a field test to update your Functional Threshold Power if you go as hard as you can

Sample Day -2
Zone 6: 30 seconders

6 x 30 seconds ON 30 seconds OFF FULL GAS;
Zone 6/FG Intervals! As hard as you can

Sample Day 0
Openers 4 x 45 seconds

4 x 45 seconds on 90 seconds off. FULL GAS!! - Pre-Race Openers: short quick intervals, designed to "open" your legs up for the very next day's race

FasCat Coaching
FasCat Coaching

FasCat has over 14 years of experience coaching road mountain cyclocross and multisport athletes, mostly between of 30 - 60 years old. "Working men and women" that need balance and flexibility for whatever life throws at them. Before we design any training program we consult with the athlete first - how much time do you have to train - what do you have coming up?

We coach thru a custom designed training plan, monitor your progress thru your data and give feedback based on our expertise.