16 Weeks to Finish Your First Century for Beginners

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16 Weeks to Finish Your First Century for Beginners


Menachem Brodie

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16 Weeks

Typical Week

4 Bike, 3 Day Off

Longest Workout

6:30 hrs

Plan Specs

cycling gran fondo/century beginner power based base period

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Human Vortex Training Menachem BrodieDesigned by exercise scientist, expert coach and athlete Menachem Brodie, BS, CSCS this program brings you his knowledge, experience, and expertise from coaching endurance athletes from around the globe the last 9+ years.

Finishing your first ever century ride is considered a right of passage for all growing cyclists. There is truly nothing like finishing your first ever 100 mile ride...You will always remember the absolutely epic time you had that day- the course you took, the weather, the friends who you rode with, and how you prepared!

Who is this plan for?
This plan is built for the beginner, who has been riding both weekend days for about 2-3 hours in a group, or by themselves. If you've been riding 2 days a week for 2-3 hours, as well as riding 2-3 other days for 45-60 minutes, this plan WILL WORK FOR YOU!

What does this plan give me?
This plan not only gives you the blueprint to help you build your energy systems to be able to finish your first Century ride, but it is also chalk-full of Coaching tips to help you avoid common mistakes many riders make (making the day even more epic, but far less fun...)and Shared experiences from other riders from when they completed their first 100 Miler.

How is the plan set up?
The plan is set up with two weekday rides, 65 minutes or shorter, as well as progressively longer and/or more challenging back to back weekend rides. The weekday rides can be moved around within the week, so long as they are done in order. The weekend rides may be done with a days rest in between if your schedule requires this, as you will STILL finish your first century. However, for best results, keep both weekend rides in the written order, and keep them back to back!

Purchase of this program includes the Human Vortex Training Interval Descriptions document, which explains how to use your training plan to maximize results, PLUS email access to Coach Brodie at any time for questions that you may have about this plan.

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Questions? Please visit us on the web at HumanVortexTraining.com or email Coach Brodie directly at: Brodie@HumanVortexTraining.com.

Menachem Brodie coaching certifications


Training Load By Week
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 07:24

Menachem Brodie, NSCA-CSCS, USAC-PBT

Human Vortex Training LLC

Remarkable Value provided to clients:
Advanced understanding of Biomechanics, Injuries, Rehab, & Sports performance (Mental & Physical components)

Having been one of the slowest riders of my riding group when I started, I had to quickly use my background in Strength Training & Exercise Physiology to figure out how to keep up. 10 years later, I've helped athletes around the world to maximize their potential and power!

  • Advanced experience & knowledge in Injuries, Rehab, and Sports Performance

Sample Day 1

Beginner Field Test Lactate Threshold

In order for the next few weeks of riding to be dialed in to your current level of fitness, we must first do a field test to see EXACTLY where you stand today.

You can, and should, repeat this testing again after the end of the training program, so you can see the increase in your abilities.

It is really important to treat each effort as if it is the only one you are to do for the day, as this will ensure that we learn everything we need about you and your abilities, including your repeatability of efforts.

Todays test may be completed on the trainer, or outside.

If you're doing it inside on the trainer, you can watch my video on How to set up your Trainer here:


to ensure that you're setting up your trainer properly, to ensure the best possible efforts you can produce.

Sample Day 3

Sweet Spots

In order to "kick-start" your progress towards your first Century Ride, today we will be doing Sweet Spot efforts. 

Sweet Spots are done at the lower end of the Lactate Threshold effort level, and they allow us to accumulate more time at intensity with a bit of a lower impact on you as a whole.

These sweet spots should be done at 88-94@ of your FTP, based on what you've been able to average for the Field Test workout.

Focus on smooth pedal stroke and power to the pedals, while keeping your upper body nice and solid throughout the efforts.

Sample Day 6

Endurance Ride

2.5 hr Endurance ride

Power at 56-74% of FTP
Cadence 90-100 on flat/rolling terrain
80-85 on climbs (as able to!)

In todays ride we actually DO want some low-Grade climbing, so allow you to feel the full pedal stroke as you climb.

Focus on SMOOTH Power to the pedals, and smooth circles!

It's all about learning to pedal SMOOTH, CONSISTENT, and POWERFUL.

Sample Day 7

Group Ride

2.5-3 hours Group Ride

When it comes to Group Riding, we allow a little bit higher effort than endurance for our efforts today.

56-82% of FTP.
Cadence 85-95 on Flats/ Rollers
80+ as able to on climbs.

Aim to let the others do the hard work today, but feel free to chip in here and there.

Aim for no higher than 85% of threshold power for a TOTAL of 15 minutes of todays ride!

Sample Day 9

Short Steady State Intervals

Todays workout allows us to build up your Lactate Threshold abilities. These efforts allow us to maximize your mid-week training time, and to see significant improvements in your riding abilities as far as power goes.

5 min w.u.,

3 x 1 min FP, 
6 min endurance,

2 sets of 3 x 4 min SSI's on 2 minutes rest

8:30 min endurance in between sets

6:30 min c.d.

Sample Day 11

Fast Pedaling, Low-Cadence Tempo

Todays workout is a Neuromuscular effort, one in which will focus primarily on low cadence work, thus targeting the connective tissues, as well as the nervous system.
Low Cadence Tempo help us begin to target the connective tissues and muscles that we will be using in the coming weeks. 

Through use of the Low Cadence Tempo efforts, we are making you more aware of any imbalances you may have in your pedal stroke, as well as making you aware of how you sit on the bike, and any muscles that may begin to get tired early.

Cadence 70-75 on flat to rolling terrain for the Low-Cadence Tempo efforts.

Sample Day 13

45-55 MILES FLAT Endurance Ride

45-55 MILES Flat to rolling Endurance ride

Power at 56-74% of FTP
Cadence 90-100 on flat/rolling terrain
80-85 on climbs (as able to!)

Again, focus on SMOOTH Power to the pedals, and smooth circles!

It's all about learning to pedal SMOOTH, CONSISTENT, and POWERFUL.

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