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Chicago Cyclocross Cup 2014


Ted Ramos

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17 Weeks

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Plan Description

To be good at cyclocross you must address both your fitness and your bike handling skills. This training plan addresses both.
This 16 week training plan is designed for a Cat 4/5 cyclocross racer who is planning to compete in the Chicago Cyclocross Cup series. This plan is for a rider who plans to ride 4-5 times a week and do races that last 30-45 mins.
This plan has been used by Cat 4 Chicago Cyclocross Cup series winners and Cat 4 State Champions.
This plan will build fitness from Early September (9/6) through Mid-December with the goal of peaking for the Illinois State Championship and Midwest Regional Championship and finishing up with the Afterglow.


Average Weekly Breakdown

Workouts Weekly Average Longest Workout
4:18 hrs 2:00 hrs
—— ——
1:01 hrs 1:15 hrs
Workouts Per Week Weekly Average Longest Workout
4:18 hrs 2:00 hrs
—— ——
1:01 hrs 1:15 hrs

Training Load By Week

Ted Ramos

Ted Ramos

What the athlete can expect from me is that they are getting an experienced coach with many years experience leading people to their goals.

Each athlete seeks out different qualities in a coach, but my athletes typically seek out structure, accountability, teaching, analysis of data, strategy and emotional support to varying degrees.  

Sample Day 1

Intro To CX

Warm Up
Ride around the park utilizing all of it's natural challenges. If riding with others play follow the leader. Whatever the lead rider does (pedal standing up, sprint, dismount, run, 180 turn, etc.) everyone else must do as well. Take turns being the leader.
Main set
10 minutes learning how to relax on your bike. Attack position - arms and legs are loose and relaxed and act as shock absorbers. Riding with your weight on the pedals and light on the saddle lowers your center of gravity and allows you to maneuver your bike with greater agility.
20 dismounts stepping off. start slow and perfect your technique.
20 remounts. start slow and perfect your technique.
20 dismounts stepping through. start slow and perfect your technique.
20 remounts. start slow and perfect your technique.
If you are new to this, focus only on one task at a time. Dismounts only or remounts only. Don't try to do too much at once or you will lose focus.
10 minutes aound the park at tempo pace.
Cool down

Sample Day 2

Endurance ride

Build the endurance. Get out on the road and ride at a moderate to easy pace. Keep the cadence at 90+ rpm throughout.

Sample Day 4

CX skills

warm up
10 min build riding to a local park
Main set
Dismount / remount practice
Do 20-30 dismounts in an open field with no barrier.
Focus on perfect technique before you focus on speed or barriers. Once you learn to dismount and remount smoothly and with perfect technique, then you can start to build your speed.
Next, find a log or small obstacle and do 20-30 dismounts and remounts over the log/obstacle. Practice both shouldering the bike and suit casing it.
Finish practice by riding around the park for 10 min. in a big gear at tempo pace.
Cool down
Easy ride home

Sample Day 5

6 X 4 tempo variable cadence

warm up
10 min build pace
main set
6 X 4 min at Z3/Tempo pace on 2 min recovery.
do the odds at a high cadence (100 rpm) and the evens at a low cadence (70 rpm).
cool down
10 min easy

Sample Day 6


variable paced off road ride on grass or trails. Include some hills. Focus on cornering technique.

Sample Day 8

Baseline time trial test

Before begining the Functional Threshold Power test, make sure you warm up thoroughly.
Warm up
Ride easy for 10 minutes with 3 X 30 seconds high cadence spins (120+ rpm's) against a light resistance.
Perform 1 minute all out. Recover for 4 minutes at zone 1.
Is your power meter calibrated? Is your heart rate monitor on?
Perform 5 minutes at or slightly above target time trial wattage. This interval should give you a better idea of the pace you can hold for the upcoming test. Recover for 10 minutes at zone 1.
Main Set
Begin test 20 minute time trial. Begin the test conservatively. Once you settle in to a rhythm, ramp up the wattage 5 watts at a time. Make a strong push at the end and give it all you have. Don't leave anything in the tank. If you are still pushing above your 20 min. average at the end, keep going until you can no longer continue to stay above the 20 min. average
Record your average wattage and average HR for the test. To calculate your FTP power, multiply your average wattage by 0.95. This product is your FTP and is an estimation of the power you can maintain for the duration of a stand alone 1 hour cycling time trial. All of your cycling workouts will be based off of a percentage of your threshold power or threshold HR.
To calculate your zones, click on zones , then click power zones and enter your FTP. Calculate the zones according to the Andy Coggan method.
Cool Down
Pedal easy in zone 1 to cool down.

Sample Day 8

CX skill session

Warm up
Follow the leader.
Main set
10 min - Work on relaxing on the bike - improve attack position
10 min - work on low speed balace. slow contests.
10 min - review dismount technique. use barriers.
10 min - introduce new drills for remount technique
10 min group race
Cool down

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