Cyclocross Core & Injury Prevention With Functional Strength // Over 20 Workouts & Videos

Average Weekly Breakdown
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Breakdown
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 04:09

Cyclocross demands a strong core for powerful manuvering and stabilty. Go off the front this year with a stronger core for optimum performance and less risk of injury. This CX core training plan consist of different workouts each day for 4 weeks totaling over 20 new workouts.

Exercises balance the strength of the anterior muscles and posterior muscles. Many workouts also focus on lower body explosive power with exercises like single leg jump squats and thera band kick backs.
USAT Level IIE Coach Heather Casey brings performance and injury prevention training to a new level using 20 creative workouts to keep your core and stabilizer muscles balanced and strong!

Heather's background as a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist combined with years of teaching yoga, Pilates and TRX to private clients and collegiate level athletes provide you with a diverse training plan to focus on areas many endurance athletes fall short on in their training: Hips, Lower back, Shoulders, Abdominals, Hamstrings and Flexibility.

New for this year, you can become a member of our team of athletes and gain support and camaraderie from others on our private Facebook page. We have an open forum for athletes to ask questions of our coaches plus training tips and videos. The membership is $25 a month for a basic membership or $75 a month to have a 30 min phone consultation in addition to your membership. Of course. the membership options are totally up to you but a really nice way to have extra support for a minimal fee. You can find out more on our website:

Sample Day 1
Coach Heather Hagan - Video of Foam Rolling

5 min video of Coach Heather Hagan demonstrating examples of foam rolling. Try foam rolling 20 minutes each night and as a warm to KEY workouts:

Sample Day 1
'The Crowie' Core Routine (need stability ball)

Need a stability ball (med size)
All exercises are demonstrated in this 2 min video
2 X 12 reps (single leg moves do 12 per leg)
- Stability ball push up > pike > pull in (do each of 3 moves in sequence. 3 moves X 4 = 12)
- Single leg lift keeping hips stable (start position on back with feet on ball)
- Hands to feet pass with ball
- Knee drive to chest from forearms on ball
- Straight leg hip lift with heels on ball
- Hamstring pull in
- Forearm plank spiderman (drive knee to elbow and alternate) * on mat, not ball
- Explosive push up
- Box Jump (use 12 or 18 inch box. Jump from deep squat/ land cushioned and soft - quiet land) *Can modify and do controlled step ups without jumping for non-impact option.

Sample Day 2
Heather’s Kona Core 2 sets

- 2 x 10 band pull aparts:

- 2 x 10 tricep pull aparts:

- 2 x 10 face pulls:

- 2 x 10 single arm band rows w/ rotational core:

- 2 x 20 total high plank shoulder taps:

- 2 x 20 total high plank knee to elbow

- 2 x 20 total sprinter crunch:

- 2 x 60 sec static bridge:

- 2 x 10 reps each exercise in pilates hip series

- 2 x 20 total alternating bird dogs:

- 2 x 20 total alternating sides dead bug:

- 2 x 15 Cook hip lifts

- 2 x 15 pelvic tilt lifts:

- 2 x 10 super man

- 2 x 10 eccentric calf raises

Sample Day 2
Foam roll - hips, glutes, hamstrings, calves and back

Sample Day 3
2 sets: Mini Band Drills and quick core

With Mini Band: - 15 lateral steps each direction (toes pointing forward/ knees tracking over ankles - 15 front kicks - 15 back kicks - 15 cross body kicks - 60 sec forearm plank hold (booty and core TIGHTLY held in and take deep inhales and exhales) - 12 superman lower back lifts - 12 bird dogs each side (opposite arm / leg balance on hands and knees) - 60 sec plank with knee drive to opposite elbow

Sample Day 3
Founder’s back strengthening

Sample Day 4
Foam roll - hips, glutes, hamstrings, calves and back

Heather Casey
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