TP Research

Help us improve! We'd like to invite you to join the TrainingPeaks Research Team.


TrainingPeaks Research Team (TPR) was created as an open space for conversation between our customers and the TrainingPeaks team. It is part of a wider initiative to improve the quality of the customer experience for everyone who uses the TrainingPeaks application.

As a company that is powered by the people it serves, there is no voice more important than yours. That’s why we’re here to listen to what’s working – and what’s isn’t.

As a member of the TrainingPeaks Research Team you will have the opportunity to:

  • Test our new features and products
  • Provide direct feedback to the TrainingPeaks team about potential improvements
  • Contribute ideas for future TrainingPeaks functionality

Panel Guidelines & Acceptable Uses

The TrainingPeaks Research Team is reserved solely for customer research activities. As a member of TPR you will not be contacted for marketing, sales or other activities unless otherwise specified in your TrainingPeaks account user settings.

Acceptable uses include the following activities:

  • Usability Research
  • Market Research
  • New Product Demonstrations/Feedback
  • Competitive Analysis/Research
  • Feature enhancements

Research Methods We'll be Using

We will be conducting a variety of research projects that will include but not limited to the following types of tests:

  • First Click
  • Heat Map
  • Messaging/Labeling
  • Card Sorts
  • Time On Task
  • Preference Tests
  • In-Person Interviews
  • Teleconference Interviews
  • Surveys

How it Works

Once you’ve opted into the TPR Team, you’ll be sent a short survey to get a little more info about you. This will help us make sure we’re contacting the right users for our upcoming research projects and to ensure that we’re using your time wisely in the future.

After acceptance into TPR, we’ll contact you when we have a research project that aligns with your user profile. This may be in a few days or a few months.

You always have the option of declining to be a part of a survey or research project. If you decline, not to worry we’ll keep your name on the list and will come back to you with the next project.

How Often We Contact

Participation will be limited to one study every three to six months. Meaning that, if you’ve participated in a research activity you can expect that we won’t reach back out for at least three months.

If you declined an opportunity to be a part of a research project we may reach out again in a few weeks.

How to Leave TPR

A participant may leave in one of two ways:

  • In order to stay in TPR you must participate in one test per calendar year.
  • You may ask to be removed simply by emailing us and asking to leave the program.