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With TrainingPeaks you can quickly upload training data, view workouts, add notes, and make informed decisions about your training. Use the same training software as Triathlon Canada's High-Performance Team to achieve your personal performance goals

Meet TrainingPeaks

Create, track, and precisely analyze your progress throughout your athlete journey. TrainingPeaks helps you structure your training, measure your growth, and reach your race day goals.

Train The Right Way

Confidence comes from the perfect strategy combined with the best training tools.
  • Commit to a Goal
  • Structure Your Training
  • Work Out Smarter
  • Track Your Progress
Commit to a Goal

Start by adding your event goals to guide your training strategy.

Structure Your Training

Plan your training volume and intensity to create the right workouts at the right time.

Work Out Smarter

Export planned workouts and automatically sync the results back to your calendar.

Track Your Progress

Watch as your fitness improves and get rewarded for hitting Peak Performances along the way.

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Take advantage of your Premium Athlete Edition discount.

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Find Triathlon Training Plans

Choose from triathlon training plans that will give you the expert instruction and motivation needed to reach your goal. Delivered on our web and mobile platform, there are training plans for every level of athlete and every type of race.

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Find a Certified Triathlon Coach

Browse our coach directory or get matched with a certified coach using the TrainingPeaks Coach Match Service. More than 5,000 Coaches use TrainingPeaks to deliver their expert instruction. We’ll help find the right coach for you.

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