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Arrive to your start line strong and confident with a training plan. Training plans take the guesswork out of your marathon training by structuring and scheduling your workouts. Let’s start with your current experience level to find the right plan for you.

Have You Run a Marathon Before?

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I’m new to running a marathon and looking for entry-level training. My goal is to make it across the finish line.

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A Few Times

I have 1-3 years of experience training for marathons. My goal is to set a new Personal Record.

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Many Times

I have 4+ years of experience training for marathons. My goal is to place in my age group.

Marathon finishes aren’t dictated by luck — they demand that you control as many variables as you can to suss out weaknesses and harden your mental resolve.

Andrew Simmons
Andrew Simmons
Running Coach, Training Plan Author

The good news is that you don’t have to figure it all out by yourself — a good training plan can help guide you to your goals by providing structure, accountability, and support that makes daily training seamless and stress-free.

Rebecca Johansson
Rebecca Johansson
Running Coach, Ph.D. in Exercise Science

Sync Your New Plan With Your Running Watch

Automatically sync your workouts to your running watch to get real-time instructions during your training sessions.

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How it Works

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Sync your smart watch with TrainingPeaks to automatically upload scheduled workouts to your device.

Follow Your Workout Instructions On Your Running Watch

Start your training session on your watch and follow the prompts to make sure you’re hitting your target pace or heart rate numbers.

Watch Your Fitness Progress in Real-Time After Every Completed Workout

Your workout data automatically uploads from your watch to TrainingPeaks, allowing you to immediately see how your fitness is progressing.