Shop Cycling Training Plans

Shop Cycling Training Plans

Get strong and confident for your time in the saddle with a training plan. Training plans take the guesswork out of your cycling training by structuring and scheduling your workouts. Let’s start with your discipline to find the perfect training plan for you.

What Cycling Goal Are You Training For?

Road Cycling


Crush PRs, improve endurance and more.



Train for an event or simply up your trail fitness.


Gran Fondo/Century

Arrive ready for that 100-miler.

Time Trial

Time Trialing

Prepare for your race against the clock.



Build up your fitness.



Make the most of your time on the trainer.

Planning your cycling season is about more than just hitting peak race form — it is about having a healthy and structured relationship with cycling, helping you improve your fitness and reach your goals, and avoiding injury or burnout along the way.

Zach Nehr 300x300
Zach Nehr
USA Cycling Level 3 Coach

Plans are periodized into phases with the overarching goal of getting you to peak on the day of the event, so you don’t have to worry about how to structure your training, when to change phases, and what to do in each phase — training plans do all of that work for you.

Rebecca Johansson
Rebecca Johansson
Endurance Coach With a Ph.D. in Exercise Science

Sync Your New Plan With Your Devices

Automatically sync your workouts to your devices to get real-time instructions during your training sessions.

Polar, Garmin, Suunto, Wahoo, Zwift, Apple Watch sync with TrainingPeaks

How it Works

Connect Your Device to TrainingPeaks

Sync with TrainingPeaks to automatically upload scheduled workouts to your device.

Follow Your Workout Instructions On Your Device

Start your training session on your bike computer and follow the prompts to make sure you’re hitting your target power numbers.

Watch Your Fitness Progress in Real-Time After Every Completed Workout

Your workout data automatically uploads from your device to TrainingPeaks, allowing you to immediately see how your fitness is progressing.