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What’s the Difference Between TrainingPeaks Premium Edition and WKO5

As an athlete or a coach, you may be wondering if you need both TrainingPeaks and WKO5, this article explains the differences to help you decide.

In addition to the endurance planning, analysis, and coaching tools available in TrainingPeaks online, TrainingPeaks also offers a desktop based in-depth custom analysis app, WKO5. As an athlete or a coach, you may be wondering if you need both, why you would choose one over the other, or when you may want to add WKO5 to your training technology toolkit. Every coach and athlete has different wants, needs, and goals, so we have summarized the capabilities, differences, and usages of both products to help you decide which product is best for you.

TrainingPeaks Premium:

  • You want to use a web-based calendar to plan workouts, apply training plans, and work with a coach that you can access anywhere.
  • You want to create an Annual Training Plan for your entire season.
  • You want to view your completed and planned workouts on a free mobile app.
  • You want to analyze your daily workout in an easy to understand manner.
  • You want to be able to sync your planned workouts to compatible devices from Garmin, Wahoo, Zwift, and others to receive on-screen intensity targets and interval countdown timers
  • You want to easily view long term fitness trends using over 30 customizable charts
  • You want to quickly view weekly totals like distance, duration, and calories over a single workout, or a specific time frame.
  • You are a coach and want to communicate immediately with your athletes through instant notifications to your account, email, or mobile app.
  • You want to use one of over 5,000 plans developed by expert coaches from our Training Plan Store.You are an athlete that is looking for the right coach. The TrainingPeaks Coach Match Service will find the right coach for you.

TrainingPeaks plus WKO5:

  • You want to be able to analyze all of your data in unlimited detail using the most powerful analytical engine available on either a PC or Mac.
  • You have specific questions or analysis you want to perform that aren’t available in TrainingPeaks
  • You want the ability to gain faster insights and create fully custom charts and reports
  • You prefer to also store all your files directly on your personal computer, WKO5 can automatically sync with TrainingPeaks so all of your data can be stored safely in the cloud and on your own computer
  • You would benefit from being able to analyze data offline and not be at the mercy of your internet connection.
  • You want to analyze data and individualize your planning based on unique physiology and ability
  • You want to move beyond using Functional Threshold Power as the single metric to determine all training and progress. The Power Duration curve uses all of you or your athletes’ data to determine additional metrics and recommendations such as
    • Pmax – maximal sprint power
    • Functional Reserve Capacity (FRC) – the ability to produce bursts of power over threshold
    • Modeled FTP (mFTP) – threshold power updates daily based on all of a rider’s data, instead of a single duration test.
    • Coggan Individualized Power Levels to individualize your training instead of basing them on a percentage of FTP
    • Optimized interval recommendation show you intensity and duration targets that have the most significant effect


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