VIDEO: Endurance Roundup – Single Leg Movements



Introducing TrainingPeaks’ new strength and conditioning video series, Endurance Strength Roundup. These videos are designed to show you quick, efficient and important movements to add to your routine for increased strength, power and injury prevention.

In our first installment, D3 Multisport Coach Laura Marcoux goes over two single leg movements: a one-legged step up and single leg dumbbell deadlift. These two moves target the lower body muscles needed to execute a powerful pedal stroke and efficient run gait. With only one dumbbell required, you can do this strength set anywhere. Try to incorporate these moves two-to-three times a week for best results.

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Mike Ricci

Mike Ricci is a Level III USAT Certified Coach and was honored as the USAT Coach of the Year. He is the founder and head coach of D3 Multisport. The three D’s, Desire, Determination and Discipline are the cornerstone for his coaching philosophies. The D3 coaches use evidence-based training science, technology and wisdom to guide athletes toward their multisport goals. D3 inspires others through their community of athletes who are great ambassadors of the sport.

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