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The Best of 2017: Our Top 5 Strength Training Articles

From the best functional isometrics routine for triathletes to how to integrate strength work into your racing season, here are our top-five strength training articles from 2017.

Lifting weights has been proven to increase power, off-set muscle loss due to age, prevent osteoperosis, and even lengthen your life span—so why are you still avoiding the weight room? We’ve got all you need to get started with or improve upon your strength routine with these articles on functional strength, isometrics and more.

1. Build Triathlon Specific Strength with Functional Isometrics by Tim Crowley

Functional isometric training is a great way to add variety to your strength routine, while increasing durability and power within the swim, bike and run movement patterns. Here is a routine with specific functional isometric movements for the swim, bike and run.

2. 4 Foam Rolling Tips for Endurance Athletes by Alison Hanks Naney

Foam rolling, when done as a part of a well-rounded strength and recovery program, can help increase blood flow and increase your range of motion. Here are four foam rolling tips for optimizing your time on the mat.

3. VIDEO: Endurance Roundup- Single Leg Movements by Mike Ricci

These two single-leg movements can be done anywhere, and are a great way to improve your pedal stroke power and running gait efficiency.

4. Functional Training: How to Strength Train for Movement Not Muscle by Allie Burdick

Functional training, which entails strengthening the specific muscles used for a particular sport, is a great way to get more bang for your buck in the weight room. Here are some great examples of functional training exercises you can do to mimic the movement patterns of swimming, biking and running.

5. Integrating Strength Work During Race Season by Taylor Thomas

Many endurance athletes run to the weight room during the off-season, but then bolt right back out again once racing season begins. Here’s how to balance your strength training during race season so it still maintains its effectiveness without getting in the way of your sport-specific training and racing.

Need more tips and workouts to fuel your 2018 racing and training goals? Check out the rest of our year-in-review series, including our top-five articles about cycling, multisport, running, and nutrition, and learn more about how TrainingPeaks can help you reach your goals in 2018.

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