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The Best of 2017: Our Top 5 Running Articles

From the top habits of successful marathoners to the ultimate speed treadmill session, here are our top running articles from 2017.

Even when life gets hectic, there’s nothing better than lacing up and heading out the door to unwind and preserve some off-season fitness. Whether your goals for 2018 are to qualify for Boston or just master your trail technique, our top running articles have you covered.

1. Training in the Grey Zone: How to Avoid the Zone 3 Plateau by Andrew Simmons

If you feel yourself pushing harder and harder during your runs, but your pacing just doesn’t seem to budge, chances are you’re spending way too much time in the “Zone 3 plateau.” Here’s how to bust out of that rut by running at the right intensities, at the right time.

2. 5 Tips for Technical Trail Running and Racing by Jake Lawrence

If you’re looking to do some technical trail running or racing, follow these five tips to make sure you stay safe and go fast during those steep descents and uphill scrambles.

3. The 5 Training Habits for a Successful Marathon by Susan Legacki

After the 2016 Boston Marathon, TrainingPeaks looked at the results of more than 1,300 finishers to identify five habits that led to a sucessful race.

4. The Importance of Easy Run Days by Frank Campo

Think running easy is a waste of time? Think again. Here’s why easy runs are so important, and how to complete them in the most beneficial way possible so you are ready to go fast when it counts.

5. The Ultimate Interval Treadmill Session to Improve Speed and Prevent Boredom by Gale Bernhardt

This simple but deceptively tough treadmill session is the perfect antidote to boring indoor workouts. By adding in tough inclines, short periods of high intensity and generous recovery, you’ll activate your nervous system in new ways and generate some free speed.

Need more tips and workouts to fuel your 2018 racing and training goals? Check out the rest of our year-in-review series, including top-five articles about cycling, multisport, nutrition and strength training, and learn more about how TrainingPeaks can help you reach your goals.

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