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BY Joshua Lawton

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Coaching Education

TrainingPeaks University workshops and online courses are your path to learning how to use TrainingPeaks more efficiently, improve your coaching knowledge and skills, and grow your business.


The Ultimate Business Guide

Develop or expand your coaching business using our guide on the essentials of creating a business, efficient coaching systems and effective marketing.


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Coach Blog

Hundreds of articles to help expand your knowledge of coaching, physiology, business and technology from experts and research.


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Never Miss a New CoachCast Episode

The TrainingPeaks Podcast

In each episode, we’ll sit down with industry experts to discuss coaching methodologies, the latest research and leading tools for endurance training. Available on your favorite podcast platform and YouTube.

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About Joshua Lawton

Josh is a Content Strategist for TrainingPeaks and manages the Athlete and Coach Newsletters. He tends to ride long-distance gravel and run ultras on trails for extended periods of time when not working with images, words and platforms. Feel free to reach out to him with feedback or ideas to cover.