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New Training Methodologies and the Road Ahead

BY Dirk Friel

In light of some recent chatter around Functional Threshold Power (FTP) and the new 4DP training methodology from our partners at Sufferfest, I would like to make clear our view on the topic.

At TrainingPeaks, we welcome new ideas and advancements in training theories and methodologies. It was just a little over two years ago that we released WKO4 with the aim of improving and individualizing training levels by creating a blended system related to both FTP and the new Power Duration Model. This became the foundation for new individualized metrics including FRC, mFTP, TTE, and Stamina. WKO4 was developed with significant contributions by Dr. Andy Coggan. His work had been extremely important to the advancement of training science, and we appreciate his contributions, however, since the release of WKO4 he is no longer involved in development of any of our products. In light of some recent training forum comments by Dr. Coggan, I would like to make clear that he speaks only for himself, has never been an employee of and does not represent or speak for TrainingPeaks. We absolutely do not share his sentiment.

That said, the evolution doesn’t stop here. We aim to continue improving endurance training science and will always consider and welcome new methodologies into our platform. 4DP is a great example of evolving and testing new ideas and we applaud the work that Sufferfest has done to stir the pot and create a conversation. Training protocols should continually be questioned by coaches, athletes and scientists alike.

At the end of the day, it’s about taking great ideas and using them in endurance training and racing, because it’s what we all love. We do this because of the joy it brings to athletes, coaches, and to ourselves, and we’ll continue working together to make progress.

See you on the road,

Dirk Friel

TrainingPeaks GM

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About Dirk Friel

Dirk Friel is co-founder and Chief Evangelist of TrainingPeaks and Peaksware. Dirk has been helping age-group athletes, Olympians and World Champions track, analyze and plan their training for more than 20 years.