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Here’s How It Works

How It Works Onboarding

Sign up and add your athletes to seamlessly sync workouts, track metrics, and leave feedback.

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Take advantage of our powerful organizational tools, designed to save time and help you scale.

How It Works Marketplace

Add your own plans to the TrainingPeaks marketplace to reach more athletes (and earn extra income!)

As a coach I’m able to operate more efficiently using TrainingPeaks, and that allows me to spend my time doing what I love – coaching.

Andrew Simmons
Coach Andrew Simmons
Lifelong Endurance

The Coach Match program has been indispensable to the growth of our business. The athletes we are matched with stay with us season after season.

Mike Ricci
Coach Mike Ricci
Owner of D3 Multisport, LLC

What’s Inside


Workout Compliance

See at a glance whether a workout was completed as planned. Our intuitive color-coded system makes it easy to keep your athletes on track.

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Feed Notifications

The home screen serves up a feed of completed workouts, so you can see which athletes need your attention first.

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Performance Dashboards

We crunch the numbers so you don’t have to. Our powerful training dashboards help you and your athletes visualize progress.

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People Libraries

Athlete Library

Easily program for groups or teams with sorting tools in our athlete library.

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Workout Libraries

Workout Library

Save your favorite workouts and reuse them as much as you like. Our workout library is designed to make your methodology shine.

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Training Plan Marketplace

Earn additional income and grow your list of potential athletes by sharing your training plans in the TrainingPeaks Marketplace.

How It Works Marketplace

Public Coach Profile

Every year thousands of athletes visit TrainingPeaks for training guidance, and our coach profile directory helps them find coaches like you.

Coach Profile

Mobile App

Easily manage your athletes on the go with our iOS or Android app.

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Account & Support Reps

Talk to a real live account specialist for a 1:1 introduction to our features and tools. Our full-time customer support team is ready to help you and your athletes get the most out of TrainingPeaks.

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Help Center

Help Center

Have a more basic question, or just want to do your own research? Our help center has in-depth articles on every TrainingPeaks feature, with new content added constantly.

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Keep You In the Know

With resources to level up your coaching.


Our in-depth coaching courses are designed to help you level up your coaching game, so you can serve your athletes better.

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And help you grow

With our thriving community of coaches and athletes.

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Establish or expand your coaching business using our guide on the essentials of building a business, efficient coaching systems and effective marketing.