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Athlete Workout Compliance

At a glance, see how well your athlete stuck to their plan. Compliance colors on workouts are used to indicate how close a completed workout was to the planned workout.

Athlete workout compliance and calendar

Athlete Home Feed and Notifications

You no longer need to wonder which of your athletes needs your attention.

Athlete home feed and notifications

Athlete Performance and Training Dashboards

Manage your athletes’ training load and track their performance.

Athlete performance and training dashboards

Athlete Libraries

Easily manage your athletes by organizing them into groups.

Athlete library interfaceAthlete library interface

Workout Libraries

Never hand write another workout again. Save all your workouts and easily drag and drop them onto your athletes’ calendar for streamlined planning.

Workout library interface

Training Plan Marketplace

Earn additional income and grow your list of potential athletes. Create an unlimited number of plans and sell them through the TrainingPeaks Marketplace and your Public Coach Profile.

Training plan marketplace

Public Coach Profile

Get discovered by the thousands of athletes who turn to TrainingPeaks for the right guidance.

Coach profile

Mobile App

Easily manage your athletes while on the go with our iOS or Android app.

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Workout library interface
Build workouts and save them in your workout library for streamlined coaching.
Training plan marketplace
Create custom training plans and sell them in the marketplace to find new athletes and earn additional income.

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As a coach I’m able to operate more efficiently using TrainingPeaks and that allows me to spend my time doing what I love - coaching.

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Coach Mike Ricci
Owner of D3 Multisport, LLC

The Coach Match program has been indispensable to the growth of our business. The athletes we are matched with stay with us season after season.

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Coach Andrew Simmons
Lifelong Endurance

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