Xterra Lory 2019

Average Weekly Training Hours 04:44
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 04:44
Training Load By Week

12 week training plan for novice and intermediate triathletes preparing for Xterra Lory on June 15, 2019. The plan assumes you can swim at least 200 yards nonstop and have ridden a mountain bike before.

There is an additional 0ne day training camp for Xterra Lory on May18th, 2019 that includes a detailed course ride, nutrition talk, trail run and review of the swim course and triathlon swimming techniques. Go to 2Doctricoaching.com for more information.

Feel free to email me, Kurt Dallow at kurt@2doctricoaching.com

Sample Day 1
Pool Swim

Easy way to get used to pool workouts- warmup at an easy pace, main set at varying paces, cool down at slow pace. Base on RPE 4-5 for warm up, 6-8 for main set and 3-4 for cool down.

Sample Day 2

Either 45 minute trainer/spinner ride or outdoors on MTB or Road bike. Flat with few rolling hills, Singletrack green, novice trail

Sample Day 3
Run- steadystate

Run on grass at a park, trail if available. 5 minute warmup easy jog 4-5 mph; 30 minutes steady pace (RPE 6) and cool down ( jog to walk) over 5 minutes.(RPE 3)

Sample Day 4

200 warmup, 500 main set, 100 cool down

Sample Day 6

MTB ride- ideally on single track trail or at least Gravel road. Recommend if a novice rider using flat pedals without cleats.

Sample Day 7

5 mile sustained run at RPE of 5-6. Should be able to talk in full sentences without labored breathing. First 10 minutes easy jog- then move into comfortable pace. Ideally run takes place on trail, grass, or gravel.

Sample Day 8
Week 2 Timed swim

200 yard warmup, 600 yd main set and 100 yd cooldown

Kurt Dallow
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2 Doc stands for myself, a board certified sports medicine physician and my wife a PhD registered dietitian. We offer online coaching and nutrition plans as well as workshops, camps and individual sessions. I am USAT Level 1, and Training Peaks Level 1 certified. Cindy and I use both our experience and professional education to provide sound triathlon and nutrition coaching for our clients.