Xterra Triathlon Training Plan (Beg/Int) - By TrainingBible Coaching Elite Coach Ryan Riell

Average Weekly Training Hours 07:00
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 07:00
Training Load By Week

This plan is developed for the athlete who has either not completed a triathlon or has completed one and is looking to improve their performance, and is looking for a basic program designed to comfortably finish an Xterra Off Road Triathlon and/or improve their performance at this distance. The plan is 12 weeks in duration, utilizing Rate of Perceived Exertion (RPE) and Heart Rate (HR). The plan consists of 1-2 workouts per week in each sport with 2 (optional) strength training sessions. The total volume is between 5-12 hours a week. The athlete should be able to swim 500 yards (sprint), bike for 1-2 hour in one session and run/walk for 30 minutes in one session. It is NOT essential that the triathlete be able to match these distance, but it is encouraged.

Sample Day 1
3x300 T-Pace Test

WU: 3x100 on 20" rest, rest 1' then 4x50 fast on 20". Rest 1' then test:
MS: 3x300 max effort on 30" rest. Record total time for each 300, your average time per 100 is your new T-Pace
CD: 200 easy choice

Sample Day 1
Spartan Workout 6 (Beg.) Abs

WU: 10'' easy on Elliptical or treadmill
MS: All exercises are to be done consecutively, without rest between exercises. If you have to break them into sets, make it as few sets as possible. Each workout is 15 repetitions (for each side if applicable).
1. Pull ups or Chin ups
2. V-up Crunches
3. Flutter Kicks
4. Squats
5. Floor Wipers
6. Russian Twists
7. Walking Lunges
8. 3-Way Crunches
9. Side Crunches
10. Push ups

Sample Day 2

WU: 200 swim, 100 drill

MS: 5x (200 swim at T-pace (20"), 50 drill (10")- 250 total)

CD: 50 easy kick by 25's, then 100 easy choice

Sample Day 2
5k Run TT

WU: 5' walking, DWU then 5' at easy jog
MS: 5k (3.1 mi) all out run time trial. Record total time, max and ave HR for the 5k. Email that over ASAP for new HR zones.
CD: 5-10' walking then stretch

Sample Day 3

WU: 15' at 65% of FTP, then 5x1' at >100 RPMs with 1' easy spin, then another 5' easy loosen at 65%.
MS: 5x(4' at 100-105% of FTP with 2' rec at 55-65% of FTP)
CD: 15' at 55-65% of FTP and stretch

Sample Day 4

WU: 200 easy
MS: 4x100 as:
1) 1x 100 at T-Pace (30")
2) 1x 100 at T-Pace (30")
3) 1x100 as descending 100's (30")
4) 1x100 as descending 75's (30")
then 8x25 kick alternating easy/hard (10"), rest 1', then pull 200 with paddles, rest 1', 4x75 as: even intervals- 25 easy/25 hard/25 easy, odd intervals- 25 hard, 25 easy, 25 hard (15")
CD: 100 easy choice

Sample Day 4

Run for 1:15 in Z2, getting up to Z3 on rollers and hills.