Xterra last 6 weeks

Average Weekly Training Hours 09:41
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 09:41
Training Load By Week

Written by Peter Naegeli from Switzerland; 5 time Xterra France AgeGroupChampion , multiple ITU Crosstriathlon World and European Champion with a Master in Physical Education and many years of experience as swimming and triathlon coach. This plan should help you traion during the last weeks towards your race.

Sample Day 1
some kicks

400 warm up
3 x 75 kick with board progressive
3 x 75 side kick, change at 25
3 x (2 x 25 one arm drill, short rest)
3 x (150 as 50 tarzan/ 100 free 15 rest)
6 x 100 as 2x easy_fast_easy
450 cool down

Sample Day 2
Plank and Squats

Sample Day 3
steady Z1_Z2

steady run on L1- L2

Sample Day 3
bike 55k force

force, good speed, cadence 60-65, a few nice hills, climb strong

Sample Day 4
24 x 50

400 warmup
24 x 50 @50 60%
4 x 200 free 75%
4 x 50 faux fly + 100 free
200 cool down

Sample Day 6
long bike ride

that long ride, just steady pace, some climbing needed, check your refueling, same as race.
approx. 1 g carbo per hour per kg body weight

Sample Day 6

300 swim/200 pull/100 kick 3x200 pull w/:30 rest (100 FAST/100 easy) 3x150 swim w/:30 rest (100 FAST/50 easy) 3x100 swim w/:20 rest (50 FAST/50 non-free) 3x50 kick w/:20 rest (25 FAST/25 easy) 3x50 swim w/Partner Rest (swimmer A does a FAST 50 while Swimmer B rests on the wall, alternate) 150 cool down *2400 total*

peter naegeli

I offer individual triathlon and swimming coaching programs and work with you closely and intensively to achieve your goals. Online coaching is also possible. I am located in Switzerland near Neuchatel and have training groups in Biel and Fribourg as well that you may join.
My philosophy is definitely towards quality instead of quantity.

And I love to motivate and share my experience.

Get in touch with me to learn more. English, German and French speaking.