Xterra Plan Special 18 weeks

Average Weekly Training Hours 08:56
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours 08:56
Training Load By Week

Written by Peter Naegeli from Switzerland; Successfull athlete with four consecutive Xterra European Tour wins in his Agegroup, multiple ITU Crosstriathlon World and European Champion with a Master in Physical Education, Level 2 Training Peaks Coach and Certified Ironman Coach and many years of experience as swimming and triathlon coach. This plan should help you finish in a successful and rewarding way your next Xterra Triathlon.

Sample Day 1

warmup 400 (50 BR, 50 BK)
10 x 25 ou 5 x 50 pullbuoy ca. 10" rest: evens progressive
odds easy
mainset: 12 x 50 free, ca 20 rest. as 4 x 3 easy, moderate, fast
6 x 50 drills: catch up, fist, 2l 2r x 2
4 x 100 progressiv 70% - 90%
2 x 100 25 waterpolo/75 free
100 easy

Sample Day 2

L2 run, easy pace 40 min + cool down

Sample Day 2
fitness class

pilates or general strength workout (TRX, press, weights)

Sample Day 3
optional: base building

50 minutes :On trail, no hills, heart rate in zone 1 only. nice and easy.

Sample Day 3
climb a little

nice climb in various terrain..technical if possible,

Sample Day 4

400 warmup
3 x 4x 25 one arm l/r
1. high elbow!
2. focus on traction
3. focus on push thru
6 x 200 20" rest as
50 one arm (25/25) 150 swim
3 x 100 as
evens pullbuoy
odd 50 waterpolo/50 doggy paddle
warmdown ca 100

Sample Day 5
vision and skills on your loop

Ride off-road and try to have your vision well ahead of the bike...find a challenging loop to work on your skills.

peter naegeli

I offer individual triathlon and swimming coaching programs and work with you closely and intensively to achieve your goals. Online coaching is also possible. I am located in Switzerland near Neuchatel and have training groups in Biel and Fribourg as well that you may join.
My philosophy is definitely towards quality instead of quantity.

And I love to motivate and share my experience.

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