3 month plan- Swim/Bike/Run with long ride focus


Brian Kall

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12 Weeks

Typical Week

2 Swim, 5 Bike, 2 Run

Longest Workout

0:20 hrs swim
4:00 hrs bike
1:00 hrs run

Plan Specs


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This plan will give an active athlete the base they need to be competitive in a longer fondo, while building fitness in the run and swim in order to be ready for triathlons, or to simply keep strong and balanced


Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Breakdown
Average Weekly Training Hours: 09:33
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 09:33
Average Weekly Breakdown

Brian Kall

Go Full Gas Performance Cycling Coaching

I offer custom and off the rack plans for riders of all skill levels whether you are targeting elite level racing or general fitness and speed. I love to communicate directly with my athletes and don't impose any time restrictions. Contact me at coach@gofullgas.com.

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Sample Day 1


Tempo Swim- 5 min slow and steady, 15 minutes tempo pace

Sample Day 1

45 Min Easy Ride

This can be split as two rides, to and from swim workout

Sample Day 2

3 x 3 100% CP6

This is an intense interval designed to increase aerobic intensity and endurance. After a good warmup, 15 - 20 minutes, go 100% for 3 minutes. This means CP6, or zone 5a. Then recover for 3 minutes, getting your HR down to under 100bpm. Repeat 7 times.

Sample Day 3

1 Hour Tempo Ride

This ride is designed to build your endurance and physiological efficiency. After 20 minute warmup hold steady power output of 75% of threshold for 60 minutes. Cool down for 5-10 minutes

Sample Day 4

4 x 7 minute CP60 (ME)

WU: first 10 minutes alternating single leg pedalling 30 seconds on 30 seconds off, last 5 minutes both legs building from 60 to 100 RPM's
MS: 4 x 7 minutes at CP 60 keeping RPM's above 90, recover for 3 minutes between efforts at CP180

Sample Day 5

30 Min Easy Run

Nice and easy does it.

Sample Day 5


Tempo Swim- 5 min slow and steady, 15 minutes tempo pace

3 month plan- Swim/Bike/Run with long ride focus

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