iPod Coach's Complete Video Package

This plan is desgined for coaches. This is a combination of two training plans which were made with video clips. One is a three-week swim skill improvement-based training plan that is designed to help triathletes or novice swimmers who want to improve their swimming, and the other a four-week core and leg strengthening plan designed to develop sport-specific strength.

Each workout and day comes with video guidance for individual drills and techniques with quality demonstration of the skills. For each skill and drill, a video is included to reference, compatible with Windows Media Player. The videos are also iPod video compatible, (mpg4 format), allowing coaches and athletes to put them on your iPod to take the pool, practice, the weight room, anywhere!

This plan is perfect for coaches looking to improve their clients’ swim skills and develop sport-specific, functional strength, but is especially helpful to those athletes who may not have access to a coach on deck or in a weight room, or aren’t in a masters program. The plan is laid out with a single drill each day, but the drills can be thrown into a single practice, used throughout the year. Add these videos to your Coach Account File Library, and use them with clients for years to come!


Sample Day 1

Hello COACHES! Thanks for purchasing this Complete Video Package from Coach Jim Vance.

The first 3 weeks here is the Swim Video Plan. This plan is designed to help coaches work with athletes to develop coordination and feel in the water

To maximize the effectiveness of the drills here, they should be practiced regularly, and you should look for the feel of "pressure" against your hands and forearms. This "pressure" is the key to sculling, and swimming fast. Though the plan is listed with a single drill on each day, you can combine them and use them as often as you'd like.

Feel free to use the videos as you'd like, adding them to your file library, to help explain and demonstrate skills to your athletes. You can use all the videos, or just some of them, according to the abilities and needs of each your individual clients.

The videos are both Windows Media and iPod Video compatible, so athletes can take the videos to the pool with them!

Sample Day 2

Sculling - Front of the body -
While face down, sweep your hands left and right through the water, arms extended out in front of you. Your hands act like propeller blades, and subtle changes in hand pitch and speed will change your body position and speed. Use these changes to propel your body, and feel the water. Apply this feel and pressure to your freestyle stroke.

Sample Day 2

For additional challenge, do it feet first, going backward! (See tomorrow's video demonstration)

Sample Day 3

Sculling - Backward, Front - Starting on your stomach, do a front scull with arms extended, but moving feet first down the pool. Try to hold body position high near the surface of the water.

Sample Day 4

Sculling - Chest -
Same as sculling at the front, but now you position your hands in line with your chest and shoulders. Your elbows should remain high and near the surface of the water. Propel yourself forward with the sweeping motions of the hands and forearms.

Sample Day 4

For additional challenge, do it feet first, going backward!

Sample Day 5

Sculling - Hips - Same as sculling at the front and chest, but now you position your hands in line with your hips. Your elbows should remain high and near the surface of the water, upper arms near the ribs. Propel yourself with the sweeping motion of the hands, much like you get propulsion from the finish of the stroke.

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