Triathlon Base 12 weeks (12.0 to 14.5 hrs./wk.)

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Triathlon Base 12 weeks (12.0 to 14.5 hrs./wk.)


Karen Buxton

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12 Weeks

Typical Week

3 Swim, 4 Run, 4 Bike, 3 Strength

Longest Workout

1:00 hrs swim
3:00 hrs bike
1:30 hrs run

Plan Specs

triathlon base period

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This 12-week base plan is the same as the 10.0-12.5 hour base plan except that it includes two days of strength training per week. There is a recovery week every third week with reduced training and a full day off from training. The recovery week and day off are very important in the schedule as they allow you to rest and repair, keeping you healthy and in good spirits


Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Breakdown
Average Weekly Training Hours: 10:42
Training Load By Week
Average Weekly Training Hours: 10:42
Average Weekly Breakdown

Karen Buxton

I work with triathletes, duathletes, runners, swimmers and endurance cyclists from first-timers to elites.

One-on-one premium level-$350 per 4-week block +$200 start-up fee; Quarterly level- $500 per 12-week block +$200 start-up fee; Basic level-$225 per 12-week block +$175 start-up fee; pre-built plans (prices vary); hourly phone consultation & individual training sessions available. For more information email me at

Sample Day 1

200s at T-pace + 5”

WU: Start slow and gradually build pace/effort.
4 x 100 done as 50 swim, 50 kick
8 x 50 done as 25 drill (your limiter), 25 swim
MS: 5 x 200 (10”) moderate
CD: 200 easy pull. Stretch out your stroke
Total 2000

Sample Day 1

Heart rate zone 1-2, check form.

Run with heart rate in zone 1-2. Don't force zone 2. Flat to gently rolling. Continually check form. Quick cadence (88+ rpm).

Sample Day 2

Rolling hills seated

Ride primarily at 1-2 zones on a rolling course. Mostly in saddle on hills to build & maintain hip strength. Small and big chain rings.

Sample Day 2

AA Tri

Equipment: Either free weights or machines. Can be done as a circuit.
Load/Resistance: The greatest load possible for 20-30 reps per set (do not sacrifice good form for added weight--always estimate on the light side)
Sets: 2-3
Reps: 20-30
Recovery between sets: 60 seconds.
Important: During recoveries stretch muscle group just worked before starting next exercise.
Speed: Slow to moderate emphasizing perfect form
Progression: Complete one set of each exercise in order (1, 2, 3, etc) before starting second set. The first set every workout is the lightest (warm-up set). When you can complete 3 sets of 30 reps, increase load.
Warm-up and cool down: 5 to 10 minutes aerobic (easy 1-2 zone) exercise (bike, row, elliptical, etc)
Exercises: In order of completion
1. Walking lunge
2. Standing straight arm lat pull down
3. Swiss ball squat
4. Chest press, OR push-ups.
5. Calf raises
6. Seated row
7. Hamstring curls
8. Core work—abs & back

Sample Day 3

Aerobic ints

WU: 100 swim easy, 50 drill, 100 swim, 50 drill.
MS: For the first set decrease times with each work interval. All aerobic—easy breathing.
4 x 300 (10”) moderate.
Rest 2 minutes.
Kick 300 steady--fins okay.
6 x 50 relaxed speed (15”).
CD: 200 easy swim.
Total: 2300

Sample Day 3

Form Run Workout

30-minute track form run workout

10 minute easy run

On the straight-aways:
Perform the drill and then walk back the start.

1) Grapevine – switch lead leg every 10 cross-overs
2) High skips
3) Walking lunges (start with 10-15 steps)
4) Jog backwards
5) High Knees
6) Butt kicks
7) Strides – 4 to 6 repeats--quick light steps, high cadence

5 to 10 minute easy run cool down and light stretch

Sample Day 4

Rolling hills seated

Ride primarily at 1-2 zones on a rolling course. Mostly in saddle on hills to build & maintain hip strength. Small and big chain rings.

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